Guy claims ‘every man’ wears underpants 3-10 times before washing them in viral Twitter post

Harriet Brewis
Wednesday 09 June 2021 11:03

Most men insisted that they wash their underwear after each use

(Getty Images)

A Twitter user has sparked an impassioned online debate after suggesting all men have pretty questionable hygiene standards.

User Sav (@9021hoee) racked up more than 6,600 shares and 1,300 comments, on his tweet stating: “Let’s be honest, no man wears a pair of underwear just ONE time before washing them.

"Every man wears each pair of underwear at least 3-10 times before washing them.”

His assessment was met with revulsion by scores of readers, with one writing: “Nah man, that’s just you.”

However, some others admitted following a similar approach – although agreed that 10 reuses was excessive.

One man responded: “I definitely do this," but stressed: "Now, while I’m with you, wearing undies 10x’s is excessive but, 2/3 times, definitely."

While another wrote:

Here’s what others made of Sav’s statement:

It’s worth noting that Sav attempted to tar women with the same brush in a separate post:

But they weren’t having any of it:

What we can glean from this whole debacle is that people prefer clean underwear. And thank god for that.