MrBeast gave a trick-or-treater the keys to a new house for Halloween

MrBeast gave a trick-or-treater the keys to a new house for Halloween
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YouTuber MrBeast is a well-known philanthropist who often uses his wealth to spread happiness and help those less fortunate than himself.

While, at times, his giving spirit has sparked accusations that he’s doing it to boost revenue, it hasn’t stopped MrBeast from continuing, as one recent video saw him fund the building of 100 wells across Africa.

In another recent video, MrBeast, real name James Donaldson, got into the Halloween spirit and gave one lucky trick-or-treater a house.

Posting the clip on X/Twitter, MrBeast explained in the caption that he purchased the house before Halloween and was going to give the keys to a “random trick or treater” that came to the door.

In the video, MrBeast opened the door to a child wearing a cow costume, who said “trick or treat” and held up a pumpkin-shaped bowl.

The YouTuber replied, “I like your costume, here's the keys to this house”, before putting a set of keys in the child’s bowl of sweets.

Thankfully, the child and his parents had heard of MrBeast and knew about his charitable acts that he shares on social media.

The child thanked MrBeast and hugged him before the YouTuber proceeded to give the shocked family a tour of their new home.

“I'm glad you guys have seen my videos or this would be very weird,” he joked.

On the bed was also a selection of other expensive gifts including laptops and other electrical items. The family were completely stunned and left “shaking” by the news, while the child said, “My dream came true” as they hugged each other.

In the replies, one person joked: “Imagine like being the kid behind him and getting a bite-sized candy bar or some s*** .”

The content creator will be hoping that the clip doesn’t spark any further controversy to add to this lift of his seven biggest.

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