Mum feels used because 'daughter and her boyfriend use house as pitstop'

A mum has turned to Mumsnet for advice after feeling "resentful" that her daughter and boyfriend lock themselves in the bedroom all day.

The frustrated mum explained how the pair are students, and when they visit over the holidays, she only sees them "if they are getting food or on their way out."

She said, "We have had one meal together (at my insistence), but they went out straight after that."

She went on to explain how she is "beginning to feel resentful that they're closeted in her room the whole time" and that it seems "kind of blatant".

"I feel used as a kitchen pitstop," she added. "And I am quite hurt that they don't choose to spend more time with us."

Subsequently, she turned to the forum for advice on whether it was "acceptable behaviour," asking what her tolerance levels should be.

She rounded off her request by adding: "They are nice kids, but she can be very selfish at times, and I'm not sure if this is one of those times or if she's just doing what teenagers do. Please advise!"

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One user related to the teens, saying she was in the same position at their age.

"They're going to be finding time together far more interesting than time with you, don't take it personally. Many teens don't enjoy hanging out with their parents that's doubled when the boyfriend is round."

Asking the concerned mum whether her daughter's partner was staying the entire summer, one said: "I'd go against the grain and say you're well within your rights to ask him to go home for a few days so you can spend time with your daughter before she returns to uni."

A third added: "Students as in uni students? They’re used to their own space."

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