Personal trainer confronts ‘creepy old guy’ at gym who kept staring at her

A personal trainer has filmed the moment she confronted a ‘creepy old man’ at a gym who she claimed had been constantly staring at her during her workout.

Heidi Aragon, who has a large following on TikTok under the handle @fit_with_heidi, shared the moment on her account last month and it has since racked up more than 16 million views.

The incident starts with Aragon filming herself on her phone while doing squats when the man in question comes and sits down directly behind her.

“This creepy old guy at the gym kept coming over and staring at me,” she explains in the voice over for the video. She then beckons over her husband, who was also working out in the gym at the same time, to come and exercise next to her.

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However, her husband’s presence didn’t deter the man who continued to stare.

Realising that it was going to take a little more than subtle hints that she was uncomfortable with his staring, Aragon stopped what she was doing and went over to address him directly.


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I told him if he’s gonna work out in this corner, he needed to stop staring and making me uncomfortable – his response was, ‘I’m just looking around’, Aragon writes in the caption.

Yet he protests of innocence were soon over when Aragon told him that she was filming her workout. “I then told him I record my workouts and I have him on film. He shut up real quick,” she added.

Numerous people have since praised Aragon for bravely confronting the man. One person in the comments of the video said: “That’s good you confronted him and have it on video.”

A second person wrote: “Just because she’s wearing a certain type of pants doesn’t give him the right to stare repeatedly. It’s not a hard concept.”

A third added: “She is literally wearing normal workout gear for a woman. There is no excuse for that man’s actions. It doesn’t matter what she wears.”

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