The Pope warns about a demonic threat in his midst

The Pope warns about a demonic threat in his midst
Pope calls for 'humble' Christmas to support Ukraine

During a Christmas address to the cardinals, Pope Francis warned them of an "elegant demon" roaming around the Vatican.

On Thursday (22 December), the Pope made these remarks in his Christmas address to the Vatican's cardinals.

It's become a tradition that the Roman Catholic leader has turned into what seems to be a yearly airing of grievances for the Roman Curia.

The Roman Curia is the principal governing body of the Catholic Church and has cardinals from all over the globe.

The Pope warned the cardinals that live in the Vatican and attended the event could be tempted to feel that they are more spiritually inclined and protected than others because of their status in the church.

However, he also spoke on the "greater danger" they have compared to others.

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"We are beset by the 'elegant demon,' who does not make a loud entrance but comes with flowers in his hand," he said.

The Pope added: "It is not enough to condemn evil, including the evil that quietly lurks among us. We need to respond by choosing to be converted."

He also said that "mere condemnation" can indicate that a problem was rectified. But what really matters is that changes are made to prevent imprisonment "by evil ways of thinking."

The Pope wrapped his speech by noting that a daily look at someone's willingness to defeat evil influences over the mind can prevent a pattern of corruption from continuing.

This isn't the first dire warning the religious figure has made.

On 11 December, he gave holy mass in celebration of the feast of Our Lady Guadalupe.

And he shared his vision of the world that has "destruction and desolation."

"It is a bitter time, filled with the rumbling of war, growing injustice, famine, poverty, and suffering," the Pope said.

He added: "And although this horizon seems bleak and disconcerting, with omens of even greater destruction and desolation, his divine love and his coming down to us tell us that this too is a propitious time of salvation."

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