A dad has been described as “iconic” for his shenanigans after rocking up to a nightclub with his daughter.

TikToker Taila (@taliasc) was in Madrid, Spain on a family holiday when she decided she wanted to check out the city’s nightlife, and her dad was just as keen to paint the town red and get on his dancing shoes.

Sporting a classic dad fashion combo with his best shirt, along with a gilet and glasses, Talia filmed her father’s antics throughout the night which included “doing the classic dad overview of the place,” as he looked over at the dance-floor and taking a family selfie for the group chat.


flash warning!!! @taliascdad iconic to say the least #madrid #espana #spain #clubbing #nightlife #dadsoftiktok

Talia’s dad can be seen drinking Diet Coke while everyone else around him were knocking back tequila shots. Another clip showed her dad sitting on his phone replying to work emails - but still enjoying the club atmosphere by fist-pumping to the music at the same time.

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Talia described her dad and their father-daughter nightclub trip as “iconic to say the least.”

It seems that everyone agrees, as the TikTok has received 10.1m views, with 2.1m likes and thousands of comments from people sharing their love for the TikToker’s dad.

One person wrote: “He is the main character and we are just living in his world.”

“Legendary behaviour,” another person said.

Someone else replied: “No bc when the glasses go up, you KNOW it’s time to party.”

“You let him go with a vest on? Let some of the other guys have a chance,” a fourth person joked.

While others found the dad’s club night antics pretty relatable.

One person wrote: “The work emails LMAO that’s me writing discussion posts at like 11:40 while I’m out partying,”

“But that’s literally me at the club... am I? Am I? A dad??” another person asked.

Not wanting her mum to miss out on all the fun, Talia posted a follow-up video of her mum on a night out where she can be seen knocking back a tequila shot, and posting on Facebook “to make the other mom’s jealous of her youthful lifestyle,” Talia wrote.


Reply to @taliasc FLASH WARNING if u saw my family at f*cking mondays last night... yes you did #madrid #espana #spain #momsoftiktok #studyabroad

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