People are deciding which celebs they want to play their parents in future biopics

Film Stanley Tucci
Film Stanley Tucci
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Honestly speaking, many of us have pictured our lives on the big screen and considering which actors would play us. 

Although we may not become the face of a Hollywood biopic, it shouldn’t deter the idea of imagining what it could be like.

Now this time around, people aren’t focusing on which famous actors should play them in a biopic. They’re zeroing in on which actor should play some of the most integral people in their lives: parents.

On Tuesday, Twitter users had a collective dream Hollywood cast to play their parents, and this particular question came into play: “Who plays your parents in a biopic?”

The characters could be figments of childhood or have a consequential presence in the hypothetical biopic. Then there’s this question to consider: are you going for merely a vibe, or do you pick two actors that resemble your parents?

Also, is the relationship dynamic going to be loving, estranged, or an array of different attitudes depending on the time period of your life that you want to highlight?

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With these questions in mind, people started to flood the feed with some reoccurring faces. There were many posts about Sally Field, Stanley Tucci, John Goodman, Sade, Mr. T, Winona Ryder, and many more.

We also can’t neglect to point out some of the responses that had jokes.

Someone chose The Land Before Time dinosaurs to be their parents.

Also, CBS Sunday Morning contributor TCM host Ben Mankiewicz pointed out a recent December 2020 biopic about his family history.

The film, which was released in November 2020, was about his grandparents Herman Mankiewicz ( played by Gary Oldman) and Sara Aaronson ( Tuppence Middleton), who were depicted in director Dave Fincher’s film Mank.

Who plays your parents in your biopic? (Fine, grandparents),” Mankiewicz captioned his Twitter post.

Mank chronicles screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz as he rushed to finish Citizen Kane.

Interestingly enough, Steven Spielberg seems to be living out this ideal Hollywood dream scenario. He is working on a semi-autobiographical project that centers around his childhood. He cast Paul Dano and Michelle Williams to play fictionalized versions of his parents.

Overall, playing around with the idea of what celebrities could portray family can be deemed an engaging thought exercise to pass the time.

What Hollywood stars would you like to portray your parents?

Check out who people are considering below. It gets funnier:

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