Woman confronts blind man after accusing him of 'staring at her' in …
Blind Surfer Pete Gustin

A woman came under fire for not respecting other people's privacy after recording a TikTok video in a gym locker room.

In the clip, the woman practised her poses for the camera to display her physique and commented on another fellow gymgoer who walked into the back of the shot.

"....but on this day..." she wrote, "this woman was NOT having it!"

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The woman in the background appeared to be sorting out her belongings and clocked that she was in the recording, though this didn't prevent the TikToker from continuing her video and posing practice.

"I tried smiling and saying hi after, but she just rolled her eyes and flat out ignored me," she added.

"I'm not gonna let her RBF [resting b**** face] affect my mood, sorry ma!"

Though the woman has since received criticism for the location of her film, and one of those vocal critics was popular TikToker and self-described "CEO of Gym Positivity" Joey Swoll (@thejoeyswoll).

After the original clip played, Swoll shared his thoughts about it and said: "So you're wanting to film yourself practising posing in the locker room, you feel you have the right to post this woman, to be upset with her and say she has resting b-face? Really?"

"You wanting to take a video, take a photo in a locker room, in a private bathroom is never more important than somebody's right to privacy," he added. "That's not just an opinion, that's the law."

"I totally get it, we all take selfies in the bathroom, the locker room, there's better lighting, you don't feel comfortable on the gym floor, I totally get it, but you need to be considerate of others."


Normalize respecting people’s right to privacy in gym locker rooms. #MYOB

Swoll explained that if anyone is in the background of a photo or video and voices that they feel uncomfortable about this, then you should "immediately stop," apologise to the person and wait for them to leave.

Then, he referenced a comment someone made that the original creator highlighted where they said it's not her problem.

"Yes it is your problem," Stroll retorted. "That woman is in the bathroom to change, that woman deserves privacy and you are taking that away from her."

"You need to do better. Mind your own business," he concluded.

In the post caption, Stroll wrote: "Normalize respecting people’s right to privacy in gym locker rooms."

Since posting his video, Stroll's TikTok has received 1.3m views, 184,000 likes and thousands of comments from people who agreed with his opinion.

One person said: "I appreciate your videos so much! I’m a chunky girl scared of going to the gym bc I’ve been made fun of before. You give me motivation to try again."

"At my gym there are signs everywhere saying you can NOT use a camera or cell phone in there," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Some gyms I've been to, people stand around in underwear or get dressed in the common area. imagine that being on video, not knowing who saw it."

"Literally my gym says no pictures in the locker/changing room," a fourth person commented.

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