Woman left ‘mortified’ after pooing all over her date’s room

One woman had a date that she will certainly never forget after things took a stomach-churning turn (quite literally) when she ended up pooing on her date’s floor, his bed and then him.

TikTok user Kennedy Eurich (@ken.eurich) explains in a video how she was asked by a guy she knows and had been talking to if she could come over to his place one Friday night.

But Kennedy wasn’t feeling too well and “threw up four times” as she was “super sick and didn’t feel good” so was hesitant to visit him, but he insisted and offered to make her soup.

When she arrives at his place, she still doesn’t feel great and eats the soup he made but soon regretted it. “I didn’t feel good and I tell him that and after I eat the soup this man has made for me I’m like, ‘Oh I should not have done that,’” Kennedy said.


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“My stomach is too weak to be eating anything right now, so I’m like, squatting on his floor, right? I’m over a bucket and I fart and oh my god -

She notes that she has known the man for a long time so it “makes the story easier to tell.”

“So I say to him ‘I almost s**t myself’ because I know him like that and I go to the bathroom.

“I come back and he kicks something on the floor thinking it’s mud. That’s what he said.

“We all know where the story is going... it wasn’t mud. I straight up s****ed on his floor,” she confessed before explaining the size of the problem and that her date cleaned it up “like a true gentleman,” leaving her “mortified.”

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However, the story didn’t stop there...

After going to sleep and waking up “feeling great” things soon escalated for the TikToker when she and her date were playfully fighting.

“Even though I feel great, I kind of tooted when he hit me,” Kennedy explained. “I would love to tell you that this was just a little innocent toot or that it was even just a little shart... I full-blown s**t myself and when I say s**t myself, I mean all through my pyjamas, all down my leg, all on this man’s bed, on his wall.”

She continued: “I shouldn’t be laughing about it because it’s so f***ing embarrassing and sick and then concluded: “I just don’t know if I’ll ever be able to recover from it.”

Since Kennedy shared her dating disaster, her TikTok has received 2.3m views and over 400,000 likes, along with thousands of comments who couldn’t believe what happened.

One person wrote: “No because I thought the story was over after he cleaned the floor.”

“THE WAY IT JUST KEPT GETTING WORSE,” another person said.

Someone else added: “U win most open creator of the year.”

“This can’t be real,” a fourth person commented.

While others joked that Kennedy has to marry her date since she stayed at his place after what happened.

One person wrote: “How did you stay over after sharting on the floor.”

“Now you have to marry him,” another person said.

Someone else replied: “I’ve heard so many stories where they end up getting married this.”

“If this man sticks around he’s the one. No way around it,” a fourth person commented.

Props to Kennedy for sharing her embarrassing dating disaster.

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