Carol Vorderman quits BBC role so she can keep slamming the Tories

Carol Vorderman quits BBC role so she can keep slamming the Tories
Carol Vorderman compares Boris Johnson to 'diarrhoea' on Have I Got News …
Have I Got News For You, BBC

Carol Vorderman has quit her BBC radio show after five years so that she can carry on criticising the Tories.

The presenter was on the air with her own radio show on BBC Radio Wales every Saturday morning but a new BBC social media policy otherwise known as the "Lineker clause," where employees at the national broadcaster are limited on what they can post online.

Taking to Twitter, Vorderman announced the news where she thanked listeners "who answered the funny questions I asked every week about old memories and daft stories" and teased that she's moving "onwards to the next very interesting chapter."

In a longer statement, she said she will "continue to criticise the current UK government for what it has done to the country which I love."

Vorderman has often been outspoken against the Tories, for example she called them "morally corrupt” over Partygate, she compared former Prime Minister Boris Johnson to "a dose of diarrhoea," and got into an online spat with Tory MP Lee Anderson.

(To name but a few instances).

“After five years, I’m leaving my Saturday morning show on BBC Radio Wales," Vorderman began.

“The BBC recently introduced new social media guidelines which I respect. However, despite my show being lighthearted with no political content, it was explained to me that as it is a weekly show in my name, the new guidelines would apply to all and any content that I post all year round.

“Since those non-negotiable changes to my radio contract were made, I’ve ultimately found that I’m not prepared to lose my voice on social media, change who I am, or lose the ability to express the strong beliefs I hold about the political turmoil this country finds itself in.”

“My decision has been to continue to criticise the current UK government for what it has done to the country which I love – and I’m not prepared to stop. I was brought up to fight for what I believe in, and I will carry on.

“Consequently I have now breached the new guidelines and BBC Wales management have decided I must leave. We each must make our decisions.

“I’m sad to have to leave the wonderful friends I’ve made at Radio Wales. I wish them, and all of our listeners, all the love in the world. We laughed a lot and we will miss each other dearly. But for now, another interesting chapter begins.”

The reason why the new BBC social media guidelines are referred to as the "Lineker clause," after Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker found himself in an impartiality row with the broadcaster over his tweets where he compared UK’s asylum policy to 1930s Germany.

Lineker was suspended which sparked a huge act of solidarity amongst BBC Sport staff which saw all sports coverage for that weekend cancelled.

The ex-England player was later reinstated after him and the BBC "navigated a way for him [Lineker] to return."

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