What was the object that hit Florence Pugh in the face at Comic Con?

What was the object that hit Florence Pugh in the face at Comic Con?
Florence Pugh accepts British Icon award with moving speech
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Florence Pugh was left wincing with pain and shock at Comic Con after a mysterious object hit her in the face.

The incident took place in São Paulo, Brazil on Sunday (December 3), where the 27-year-old was promoting her latest film, Dune: Part Two, alongside co-stars inlcuding Timothée Chalamet, Austin Butler and Zendaya.

During a panel discussion, Pugh shared her excitement at joining the sequel as Princess Irulan.

"I had an amazing time coming in and just hanging around with these people, let alone actually getting to work with them," she gushed.

"Coming in here - the power in this room - is because of that first movie, and we felt that when we went on set every single day."

After the panel, the cast all came together to pose for photos, which is when the missile smacked the Little Women star on her left brow.

She instantly cried out 'Ow!", as her concerned co-stars checked to see if she was OK. But, fortunately, she seemed relatively unscathed, if a little shaken.

The clip has since gone viral on social media as people shared their anger at the assault, assuming that Pugh had become the latest victim of a dangerous new trend.

Pugh isn't the first celebrity this year to be struck by something hurled from the crowd.

In one clip, Taylor Swift was forced to duck to avoid being pelted by friendship bracelets during her Eras tour, while Bebe Rexha needed stitches after a fan hit her in the eye with their phone.

And yet, the mystery surrounding the latest mishap remains: what exactly did smack Pugh in the face?

Studying the footage, it looks too small to be a phone, and gives too much of a thwack to be something delicate like a friendship bracelet.

It's also worth noting that it seems to drop down on her from above. And yet seating in the venue, Sao Paulo Expo, is all on one level.

Sure, a member of the crowd could have got some height when they chucked it, but they would have needed impressive strength to get it to loop like that.

This all begs the question: was the object really a missile from an unruly audience member? Or just part of the convention centre that fell at a most inopportune moment?

Perhaps we'll never know...

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