Post Malone and Joe Rogan call the NPC TikTok trend 'crazy' and 'strange'

Post Malone and Joe Rogan call the NPC TikTok trend 'crazy' and 'strange'
Joe Rogan 'perplexed' at men's 'appalling' backlash to Barbie movie

Post Malone and Joe Rogan discussed the rise of the NPC streams on TikTok, calling the trend "crazy" and "so strange."

During an appearance on the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience,Post Malone brought up the topic of the NPC trend after Rogan commented on the fact that people “watch a lot of s*** they hate".

The NPC trend is where the streamers appear animated through their actions, hence being comparable to gaming NPCs, where they often repeat their movements or sayings.

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Streamers will only interact, speak or perform a specific action when they receive a gift from a viewer.

One of the most popular NPC streamers is Pinkydoll, who is known for her catchphrase "Ice cream, so good!" when gifted an ice cream emoji in her streams.


New trend? Should I try it? credit: @pinkydollreal #pinkydoll #ai #npctrend #viral #tiktoksensation #livestream

The Sunflower singer quoted this Pinkydoll's catchphrase to Rogan when explaining the trend.

"I'm like wow, this is kind of crazy," Post said.

To which Rogan asked if Pinkydoll ever breaks character as Post recalled a time he watched one of her streams where she did.

The pair then watched one of the TikToker's most viral videos and in response, Rogan described it as "so strange".

"But she is really hot and that helps," the podcaster added.

"That’s why that works. Let’s not pretend. Like if she was gross, like that lady is beautiful.

"So, when she does that, people are like. What is she? I’ll get her to lick her lips like, $7000 a day. That’s not bad.”

Elsewhere, Rogan was recently 'perplexed' at men's 'appalling' backlash to Barbie movie.

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