Taylor Swift discovered to be related to royalty

Taylor Swift discovered to be related to royalty
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Taylor Swift fans will tell you she’s pop royalty, and now it’s been revealed that she’s related to a French monarch.

Swift is heading to France as part of her current Eras world tour and MyHeritage has unearthed a surprising connection with the country’s royal family.

As it turns out, Taylor Swift is the 8th cousin (11 times removed) of Louis XIV. It was also recently discovered that she is related to the poet Emily Dickinson.

Louis XIV is one of the most recognisable members of the French monarchy from the country’s history, having been the monarch who built the Palace of Versailles.

Swift and her (very) distant relativeGetty Images

Louis XIV, who lived from 1638-1715, was known for throwing decadent parties at the Palace of Versailles as well as overseeing a cultural boom in France.

He founded the French Royal Academy of Dance, which later became the Academy of the National Opera of Paris,

Louis XIV was also a musician, having studied guitar and sung while collaborating with his tutors – perhaps there’s some sort of family connection with Swift, even hundreds of years apart.

Louis XIV ordered the building of the Palace of VersaillesiStock

Meanwhile, Swifties are still picking over her 11th studio album The Tortured Poets Department – and some believe there’s still some detective work to do.

The main question they’re asking is, who are the songs about?

Swift's split with ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn in April 2023 leading many to speculate the entirety of the album was going to focus on their six-year relationship, but after Swift's short, unconfirmed, romance with The 1975 lead Matty Healy, many believe a good chunk of the album is about him – and some even believe the 1975 have written songs about Swift, too.

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