Dating expert shares how to embrace 2024 as the 'Year of the Yearn'

Dating expert shares how to embrace 2024 as the 'Year of the Yearn'

Dating expert shares how to get the best out of 2024

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Although we're only three months into the year, 2024 has been declared the 'Year of the Yearn'.

That's because it seems people are openly manifesting, wishing for, and yearning for romantic love in their lives now more than ever.

From tear-jerking friends-to-lovers stories such as Netflix's One Day being at the top of our watch list, to the return of the power PDA (from Cillian Murphy receiving lipstick kisses to Selena Gomez sharing her love on social media for Benny Blanco), it's clear why there is hankering for deep, romantic love.

Not to mention the recent ‘hard-launching’ of new celeb relationships that have sparked a whole host of emotions from devoted fans - from Leo Woodall and Meghann Fahy to Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter.

Romance is well and truly in the air in 2024, with plenty more opportunities for connection this year, from festivals to sporting events.

Popular dating app, Bumble, recently revealed that this trend may be well underway - almost half (45 per cent) of single people are clearer about what they want from their dating life than this time last year.

Bumble’s research also reveals that people are embracing the yearn whilst keeping standards high.

Over a third (40 per cent) say they’re focusing on the quality, not quantity, of dates, and almost half (44 per cent) say they’re looking for something serious and committed more than they were last year.

Bumble’s Sex and Relationships Expert, Dr Caroline West, said: “Right now, it feels like love is all around us. Romance is everywhere - from our favourite shows, films and on social media - celebrity PDAs to romanticised storylines are giving us all the feels. It’s natural for us to be influenced by our surroundings, and this could be why a lot of people are now openly yearning for love.

“It’s historically been a bit ‘uncool’ to admit that you are lusting for love - but this shouldn’t be the case, so 2024 is the time to drop being ‘coy’. Being confident and intentional when you date can be a really attractive quality. Bumble’s research suggests that we’ll embrace our emotions this year, with over a third of people being more intentional about getting what they want when it comes to romance and dating."

Dr West has also shared how to embrace the Year of the Yearn and manifest what you want from dating in 2024.

Yearn loudly: "Often, we have a tendency to keep our feelings hidden from friends or family, especially if we fear rejection. We might share some funny date stories, or an awkward anecdote, but there can be a tendency to avoid the raw emotive part of the conversation. Instead, be open and be confident to express your romantic desires with people close to you - it’s okay to admit you want to find a connection. Who knows, they may be up for helping you clean up your dating profile or setting you up with one of their single mates."

Practice ‘sexplicity: "Yearning can take many forms. Often, it’s a deep, emotional connection à la Dex and Emma. Other times, it can be something you’re looking for sexually. Over half (54 per cent) of singles say it’s important to discuss your sexual wants and needs early on in the dating phase, so don’t be afraid to be clear about what you enjoy. Encouraging open communication around intimacy is not only important to make sure you’re both comfortable, but also to make sure you’re both satisfied."

Intentional time:"Yearning is just one part of the journey, another is time to navigate what you want to fulfil your needs. If you’re ready to turn your yearning into positive action, make sure you date intentionally and give yourself the time and space to do so. This means being clear with your date (and yourself) about what you want romantically. In fact, globally, more than half (59 per cent) of people on Bumble say that they are now more upfront with partners about what they want, which Bumble coins as hardballing."

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