Woman divorcing husband because he calls her sister 'his wife'

Woman divorcing husband because he calls her sister 'his wife'
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A woman has revealed she's getting a divorce from her husband after she discovered he was telling his online gaming pals that he was married to her sister.

In a post to Reddit's "True Off My Chest" forum, the woman detailed her devastation which started after she searched through her husband's phone and computer and stumbled upon strange remarks he had made about her sister gaining weight and soon realised his feeling for her.

"My husband is in love or at least has a crush on my sister," she wrote. "I’m not the only one he’s complaining to about her weight gain."

"His best friend knows EVERYTHING. He actually sends him pictures of my sister and openly admits that he uses these pictures to pleasure himself some nights. He complains that she’s getting fatter. He’s annoyed that she might be pregnant or that she’s just going to ruin her beauty."

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She also describes how he has taken "maybe hundreds" of pictures of her sister in a bikini from their family vacations together while he has cropped her out of the photos.

The husband has even pretended that he is married to her sister and that the kids she has are his children too.

"On his PC, he has group chats with his gaming friends. People that don’t know him IRL. To those he pretends that my sister and her children are his family. He proudly brags about having her. His profile picture is of her, her children and him from a Christmas party."

Understandably, the woman is completely stunned by her husband's actions and notes there was nothing in their relationship before this that sparked concern.

"I’m shocked and disturbed and very confused. I never pressure him to do anything nice to me but he tells me he loves me every day. He kisses and hugs me all the time. He never complains about me or my appearance and although he never compliments my looks, he never complains about them either."

A woman found out her husband was telling his gaming friends that he was married to her sisteriStockphoto by Getty Images

She continued: "My sister is very beautiful, and she’s always been beautiful. I’ve learned that I could be other things and I’m fine with it. I have many great qualities and I always get compliments for them. That’s why I never reacted to the lack of compliments from my husband. This is just how things always been for me.

"What’s going on? And what about posing her children as his? My husband and I are childfree and it was more his choice. He never wanted children. EVER."

Near the end of the post, she informed the community of her next steps which include getting a divorce (no surprises there).

"I’m divorcing my husband. I have yet to tell him what I’ve read and seen. I’m not ashamed that I have snooped around his private matters and I’m not gonna wait and listen to excuses.

"This is beyond creepy and beyond salvation. It’s so over," she concluded.

Since sharing her life-changing news, the woman has received widespread support in the comments.

One person said: "Sounds like you have a clear head and you’re still good with your sister and family. Best Wishes. You are going to be okay."

"Good luck, OP. In your divorce and in your life in general. You truly seem like a strong and smart person," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "I’m so sorry OP, this must hurt a lot. His behavior is beyond imaginable to me and I am so sorry your sister has to go through more negativity because of his actions."

"Good for you! Please make sure to get evidence and screenshots/photos of the weird posts and behaviour before he can delete it. That may be good to have for your divorce proceedings," a fourth person commented.

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