Ivanka Trump is representing the US abroad and people are pointing out it's not normal


Ivanka Trump's brand of feminism isn't exactly the most empowering that you will encounter.

The advisor and daughter to the President of the United States runs her own business and fashion empire and regularly speaks at events to raise equality awareness.

Surely she is a great person to represent the United States at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India this week, right?

In the past, it has been attended by the likes of Barack Obama and former Secretary of State John Kerry.

The event which is organised by the State Department was, according to CNN, scheduled to send current Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson but have opted for Ivanka instead.

She hasn't even arrived in the country and it is already causing controversy.

The theme this year is "women's empowerment."

This should be right up Ivanka's street - but as she has proved time and time again she is not a good representation of "women's empowerment".

During her father's Presidency to date, she has continued to support her father Donald throughout his measures to restrict women in America.

She has supported him through laws that undermine the health rights, working rights and pay rights of American women.

Let's not forget her failure to condemn her father when he tried to ban Trans people from the military.

Or the claims that the employees in her clothing factories are working in poor conditions.

She had claimed that she would be a bastion of women's rights when she was in the White House but that has been little evidence of that.

CNN quote the public policy research and advocacy organisation Centre For American Progress as saying:

Ivanka Trump's sporadic forays into discussions about her issue priorities, more often than not, have been largely rhetorical with few details and little concrete analysis of the economic, racial, gender, ethnic, geographic, and other differences that can influence policy needs and outcomes.

As a result, there has been virtually no tangible progress on any of the issues Ivanka Trump claimed that she would spearhead.

Beyond women's rights, Ivanka's previous forays into political debate have been a disaster.

The most famous instance was when Ivanka took her father's seat at the G20 summit and it caused the Internet to go into meltdown.

She has also shared a stage with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and that didn't go particularly well either as she was loudly booed.


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