Ivanka Trump tweeted a video about empowering women but she forgot one key thing

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Ivanka Trump does not have a good history on Twitter.

Unlike her father who seems to tweet every single second of the day, Ivanka is a bit more reserved on the social media platform.

When she does choose to post something, it doesn't go too well for the daughter of the President.

There was that time she failed to understand the meaning of the word 'otherwise.'

And when she posed with fan mail, which blatantly wasn't fan mail.

She also tried to tweet about refugees despite forgetting about her father's opinions on the issue.

Her father came back to haunt her again on Wednesday when she shared a video of a new World Bank initiative that she was involved in, aimed at empowering female entrepreneurs.

Although most of that video is about how "good" Ivanka is, that wasn't the point people picked up on.

She was mostly criticised for her and her families hypocrisy, as her father's historically and continued poor treatment of women is well documented.

Others also took the opportunity to point out that the women who work on her clothing line in Indonesia are paid a "poverty wage."

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