Eric Trump deletes ‘pathetic’ tweet mocking Kamala Harris’s husband

<p>Eric Trump’s tweet about Douglas Emhoff left people confused.</p>

Eric Trump’s tweet about Douglas Emhoff left people confused.

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Eric Trump made an odd comment on Thursday, that he shared on Twitter where he unsubscribed from the email list of Douglas Emhoff, the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris.

The son of the former president, Donald Trump, shared what looked like a screenshot of him unsubscribing with him checking the “emails are inappropriate” box as the reason.

Emhoff’s informal name as “Second Gentleman” was underlined too and Eric included the hashtag “#unsubscribed” in the caption.

Although he can’t be sure if the picture was actually Eric’s it would suggest that at some point he was subscribed to Emhoff’s emails.

It didn’t take long for people on social media to mock Eric for the bizarre tweet, with some left confused why he was even subscribed to Emhoff’s emails in the first place.

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Nick Tom wrote: “If the problem is who it’s from then why’d you subscribe in the first place.”

“PATHETIC Subscribe to something only to make a big deal about Unsubscribing to it,” Misty Rae replied.

Alan Fike replied: “What did you find inappropriate, about a newsletter for which you signed up?”

Some joked about the fact that the US public “unsubscribed” his father after he lost the US presidential election last year and how the former president has been “unsubscribed” i.e. banned from Twitter and Facebook.

James Buchanan said: “That’s what we did to your father after the last election.”

“Remember how all social media platforms unsubscribed from your dad?” Christirnmom tweeted.

Cat wrote: “Look what I can do, Daddy! I can SUBSCRIBE and then UNSUBSCRIBE from an email. Am I a good boy now, Daddy? Please say I’m a good boy! I hashtagged! I can’t believe it! This feels so goodly!”

It seems that Eric failed to get the desired response from whatever point he was trying to make and spared his blushes as the tweet has since been deleted.

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