Dillon Danis calls Logan Paul a 'pu**y' and tells him to meet him anywhere for a fight

Dillon Danis calls Logan Paul a 'pu**y' and tells him to meet him anywhere for a fight
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Mixed martial artist Dillon Danis has challenged Logan Paul to meet him ‘anywhere in London’, after a dramatic press conference to promote their fight in Manchester in October ended without a face-off between the two fighters.

Danis and Paul will enter the ring for a fight during the same event which sees musician and YouTuber KSI take on boxer Tommy Fury.

However, when the pair were unable to finish the conference with a classic face-to-face, Danis tweeted: “I wanted a face-off with Logan Paul. He called it off in fear of his life and got me escorted out.

“Meet anywhere in London p****.”

Paul, meanwhile, put out his own tweet claiming Danis “threw a tantrum and left the arena before our face off”, attaching a photo of him confronting Mike Perry – “a real fighter who will actually show up” - instead.

The comment is a reference to Danis previously being booked to fight KSI earlier this year, before pulling out.

And things were already tense in the build-up to the press conference, as Paul took to Instagram Live to claim Danis “lodged himself in his [hotel] room” and is “not showing up” for their filmed face-to-face, before Danis finally arrived 40 minutes late.

And Danis couldn’t help but clap back on Twitter in relation to the delay, joking he “had a surprise in the hotel room for my birthday”, sharing yet another picture of Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal.

During the press conference itself, Danis walked on-stage with the same Toy Story alien hat worn by Paul in his infamous 2017 video from Japan’s Aokigahara forest in which he filmed a person who had died by suicide, and then launched Prime bottles into the audience.

Paul, meanwhile, had his own surprise props, beginning with a poster appearing to show Danis in an altercation together with text saying “real fighter”, and ending with a birthday cake depicting a bloodied Danis knocked out on the floor.

The conference was brought to a sudden halt, however, when Fury’s father John Fury punched a table before flipping them all over.

As the chaos ensued, Paul got the head of Danis from his cake and lobbed it at his opponent.

While the event resumed for a face-off between KSI and Fury, which saw the former push the latter, no face-off took place between Danis and Paul.

The boxing match involving all four fighters takes place in Manchester on 14 October.

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