Spanish TV reporter goes viral for ‘dramatic’ criticism of Eden Hazard

Spanish TV reporter goes viral for ‘dramatic’ criticism of Eden Hazard
El Chiringuito TV/Screengrab

Chelsea secured their place in the Champions League final on Wednesday night after defeating Real Madrid 2-0 at Stamford Bridge and winning the tie 3-1 overall on aggregate.

It was a dominant display by Chelsea and thoroughly deserved however the scenes of celebration by the young squad at the end of the game were almost overshadowed after Madrid’s Hazard, a legend during his time with Chelsea, appeared to join in the festivities too.

Although it was controversial to see a player from an opposing team celebrate with the other side, Hazard’s links to the west London club are pretty strong so maybe he could be forgiven for being just a tad happy for them.

It sparked a flurry of memes in the process.

Perhaps Hazard thought his happiness for his old colleagues would have gone unnoticed back in Spain but that definitely isn’t the case.

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According to ESPN, the images of the Belgian celebrating have caused “monumental” anger at Real Madrid which was clear to see on the Spanish football show El Chiringuito where the host delivered a very dramatic take on the events.

In a clip that has now been viewed more than two million times on Twitter alone, host Josep Pedrerol went ballistic at the 30-year-old who has struggled with injuries since joining Real Madrid last season.

Pederol did not hold back stating: “Real Madrid are out of Europe as Hazard finds time to laugh and joke. Two years of taking the piss out of Real Madrid supporters, two years of being overweight, just another Gareth Bale. We are angry, we don’t understand him. He cannot stay at Real Madrid for another second.”

To make his anger even more potent, Pederol was backed by some rather dramatic lighting and foreboding music that made it look more like an episode of Mastermind than an analysis of a football match.

Onlookers couldn’t help but be amused.

Football eh ... funny old game.

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