Fernando Alonso gives two word response about 'dating' Taylor Swift

Fernando Alonso gives two word response about 'dating' Taylor Swift
Fernando Alonso grins and winks at camera as he addresses Taylor Swift …

Fernando Alonso has been quizzed over the Taylor Swift dating rumours - but he was more interested in swiftly (pardon the pun) changing the subject to his upcoming race.

Ahead of the race weekend in Baku for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the two-time F1 champion did his media rounds where inevitably the off-track events from the break were brought up.

It comes after the 41-year-old appeared to acknowledge the rumours in a cheeky TikTok where he looked at his phone before giving a wink to the camera while a sped-up version of Swift's song Karma from her latest album Midnightsplayed.

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Of course, when asking the Aston Martin driver about this, reporters couldn't resist making some popstar puns.

“It’s been an interesting few weeks for you during this break, I knew you were trouble!” the interviewer quipped to Alonso, referring to a song from Swift’s album, Red.

The reporter noted how Alonso has recently received "worldwide attention" on him "in other areas of life," to which he responded "Yes probably," and laughed.

He also added that he's completely focused on the upcoming Azerbaijan Grand Prix this weekend.

"But I’m just focused on Baku and racing," Alonso said.

Meanwhile, a clip from Formula One's official TikTok has gone viral as another reporter Will Buxton additionally asked Alonso about those Swift dating rumours.

"I have to ask this one because if I don't I'll just be leaving a Blank Space...," the reporter said, referring to one of Swift's hit songs from album 1989.


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"...and I know it is potentially your Love Story and nobody elses!" managing to slide in another Swift song into the question, this time from sophomore album Fearless.

The not-so-subtle song-dropping made Alonso chuckle as he insisted "I have no no... nothing to say mate!" when the reporter then asked him about the "rumours over the break."

"I answered already," the Spaniard insisted, though the reporter referred to Alonso's TikTok and quipped: "All I saw was a wink!"

Though Alonso said he had "nothing to say" on the matter and then changed the subject to the new format at this weekend's race.

"It's so complicated, Baku format already. I'm sure you have a lot of questions," as the pair laughed.

F1 fans were thoroughly amused by the exchange, as the clip now has 2.4m views.

One person wrote: "If there’s one thing about Fernando, it’s that he knows how to troll and I respect it."

"HE DIDNT DENY ITTTT," another person said.

Someone else added: "That man knows exactly what he's doing."

Elsewhere, Alonso provided a 16-word response to the rumours to Marcawhere he said: "I usually keep my personal and professional life apart. I prefer not to comment on it."

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