‘Nae Coke?’ Scotland player McGinn pokes fun at Ronaldo over his stance on Coca Cola

‘Nae Coke?’ Scotland player McGinn pokes fun at Ronaldo over his stance on Coca Cola

Scotland footballer John McGinn poked fun at Cristiano Ronaldo’s dismissal of Coca Cola during a Euro 2020 press conference, ahead of his team’s game against England tomorrow.

When the midfielder arrived and took his seat at the press conference, he removed his mask and jokingly asked: “Nae Coke?”

It appears there were no bottles of the Euro 2020 sponsors on display on this occasion, and McGinn had to stick with drinking from a bottle of water instead.

The comment refers to Ronaldo removing two bottles of Coco Cola in front of him during a recent press conference.

McGinn’s remark went down well in the room full of press who can be heard laughing in response, as the Aston Villa player grinned.

People on Twitter also loved McGinn’s hilarious quip.

Others said McGinn missed a trick by not replacing the absent Coca Cola with Scotland’s famous fizzy drink, Irn Bru.

Ronaldo is not the only footballer to snub Coca Cola - Italy’s Manuel Locatelli is the latest to snub the beverage.


Like Ronaldo, Locatelli also moved two Coca Cola bottles aside from his table and replacing them with his own bottle of water during his press conference yesterday.

Locatelli then mimicked the five-time Ballon d’Or winner by saying “agua” which means “water” to journalists.

But it is not the only sponsor to be snubbed, earlier this week French player Paul Pogba removed a bottle of Heineken beer in his press conference.


Coca Cola and Heineken are official sponsors for the Euro 2020 tournament and so that is why their products can be seen on display during press conferences.

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