Who is behind Lemon Lady Secrets on TikTok?

Who is behind Lemon Lady Secrets on TikTok?
Lemon Lady Secrets/TikTok

There has been widespread intrigue over the identity of a certain TikTok account who remains anonymous behind a lemon filter...

With over 287,000 followers and counting, the aptly named @lemonladysecrets has become a viral sensation thanks to her entertaining dating stories from her own personal experience as well as fan submitted tales.

While the mystery remains as to who Lemon Lady Secrets actually is, viewers have been doing some sleuthing to try and narrow down their search - and some believe she might be someone we already know and this could be their alternative account.

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A few of the revelations from her videos include how she has dated at least one celebrity who acts in a TV show, as well as being on celeb dating app Raya.

She also mentioned in one video that she was 17 years old back in 2011, which would make her 29 years old now.

Of course, many began to share their thoughts with Lemon Lady Secrets on her identity, with a popular guess being TikTok influencer and pop culture connoisseur @hellotefi (Estefania Vanegas Pessoa).


Like one of those shark with freaking laser beams attached to their heads…. #voiceeffects #lemonladysecrets #lemonarmy #laserhairremoval #ohnono #lemoncult🍋

After all, she has over 1.6m and is known for her entertaining storytelling - but alas, Lemon Lady Secrets denied this and responded: "[Tefi] works at InStyle, she has 1.5 million followers. She's not going to be coming on here as a lemon talking about her butthole."

Known for her comedic anecdotes and dry sense of humour, Pitch Perfect actor Anna Kendrick was also brought up as a potential guess.

However, Kendrick is 37 years old and so doesn't match the age description the TikToker previously gave hinting at their age.

A third potential candidate is Emma Chamberlain, a prominent YouTuber and influencer, who has ventured into the world of fashion as of late.

Though at 21 years old, Chamberlain is too young in regards to the age that was insinuated by Lemon Lady Secrets and she also deleted her TikTok account in 2021, noting the app took up too much time in her life.

So it seems unlikely Chamberlain would make a dedicated anonymous account, but who knows.

Meanwhile, a Harvard dentist is determined to figure out this mystery once and for all, Dr. Sara (@veneercheck) has been studying Lemon Lady Secret's teeth (the only identifying feature thanks to the filter) to see if she can match the teeth up to another celeb.


Replying to @seejesscreate #greenscreen #lemonladysecrets #lemonlady #lemongate #rachelmcadams

Up to now, she has managed to rule out the likes of Anna Kendrick, Emma Roberts, Lily Collins, Brittany Snow, Amy Schumer, and more.

In a recent video, Lemon Lady Secrets sparked concern after she had difficulty finding the lemon filter she posts with which would be a big problem as it's her internet identity.

"Either I am stupid and I’m going to delete this OR this is a RED ALERT! Tag your smart friends. Not ready for our journey to end," she wrote.


Yaaaaaay! The lemon lives! Thank you @pt.pavlo.tkachenko! 🍋♥️🍋♥️ P.S: the ball is in your court @invisalignofficial. #lemonladysecrets #voiceeffects

In the comments, viewers came up with suggestions from finding an alternative lemon filter, or to "evolve into another fruit," or even to give the jig up and do a face reveal.

But luckily the TikTok gods were on her side as the lemon filter returned as well as Lemon Lady Secret's videos as she declared: "The lemon filter is back baby and I'm back baby!"

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