I’m a Celebrity: Nigel Farage and Nella Rose to take on eating trial

I’m a Celebrity: Nigel Farage and Nella Rose to take on eating trial
I'm A Celebrity's Nigel Farage reveals biggest worry of going into jungle
Nigel Farage

Geordie duo Ant and Dec return to present a brand-new series of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!on Sunday night, after a week of controversy surrounding ITV's decision to have divisive politician and GB News host Nigel Farage as one of this year's contestants.

The start time for the antics on ITV 1 is 9pm, with the bumper hour and 45 minute opener finishing up at around 10:45pm.

And if you're one of those planning to boycott the gameshow over Farage's appearance, but nonetheless want to know exactly what he gets up to in tonight's episode, then indy100 is here to give you all the live reaction...

If you want more I'm A Celebrity fun...

Then why not read our article casting our mind back to the show's most iconic moments over the years to kill some time before tomorrow night's episode?

That concludes our live coverage for this evening, but we have a feeling the controversy over Nigel Farage's appearance on I'm A Celebrity will continue for a little while longer.

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Viewers hope food critic Grace Dent will be the one to challenge Nigel Farage

As I'm A Celebrity fans warm to MasterChef star Grace Dent, some are hoping she'll be the one to hold ex-politician Nigel Farage to account during this series of the reality gameshow.

"I hope she wipes the floor with him," wrote one, while another said they can "guarantee" that Dent is going to give Farage "some serious grief".

"Grace Dent v Nigel Farage, anyone," suggested a third.

Team Farage respond to ex-politician being voted to take part in next Bushtucker trial

Nigel Farage's official Twitter/X account shared a meme of a man expressing disbelief and saying "I don't believe that" after the ex-politician was voted as one of two campmates to visit the Jungle Pizzeria during tomorrow night's episode.

Ann Widdecombe: Farage is 'unlikely to be destroyed'

Ann Widdecombe BBC News

Ex-politician Ann Widdecombe, who once served as a Member of European Parliament under Nigel Farage's Brexit Party, has told ITV News that while I'm A Celebrity "has destroyed" celebs in the past, "a man with [Farage's] level of confidence is unlikely to be destroyed".

Meanwhile, former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Öpik said it may be that Farage "becomes a king-maker" after his appearance on the gameshow.

Marvin Humes finally skydiving sparks JLS memes

After the member of the boy band revealed he was the only member of the quartet not to jump out of a plan previously, Twitter/X users have shared memes imagining the reaction of the other boy band members to him jumping out of a plane.

"The rest of JLS seeing Marvin suffer in the trials," wrote one account, attaching the meme of JB saying 'Mewwy Chwistmas' on The X Factor.

The moment Jamie Lynn Spears learned who Nigel Farage is

How we wished we could have been blissfully aware of Nigel Farage's existence like Jamie Lynn before she entered I'm A Celebrity...

Nigel Farage and Nella Rose to take on Bushtucker eating trial

The ex-politician and social media influencer will be visiting the 'Jungle Pizzeria' during tomorrow night's episode, after the first public vote saw viewers choose them to eat some unpleasant food.

All 10 campmates are together, prompting some interesting reactions to Farage

Made in Chelsea's Sam Thompson was typically incredulous, saying: "I'm living in a camp with Nigel Farage!"

Farage himself has described the camp as "stunning", Jamie Lynn Spears has no idea who he is, and First Dates' Fred Siriex has revealed he plays no part in the matchmaking.

GB News staff watch Nigel Farage

I'm A Celeb viewers rush to vote for Jamie Lynn Spears and Nigel Farage

Perhaps rather predictably, people are confirming they are voting for Jamie Lynn Spears and Nigel Farage to take on the second trial of the series, with one user sarcastically wishing Jamie Lynn "good luck".

The vote has now closed, so we'll find out the pair visiting the Jungle Pizzeria shortly...

The cringeworthy Farage puns from his team just keep coming...

We had to see this, so you do too.

Nigel Farage up for first Bushtucker trial vote

We've had a teaser of the next Bushtucker trial just now, and it's an eating trial called 'Jungle Pizzeria'.

While Nigel has been ruled out of some Bushtucker trials on medical grounds, the GB News host can be voted to be one of the two celebs to take on this take.

Viewers can vote up to five times via the official app.

What is Jamie Lynn Spears' relationship like with sister Britney?

Left, Britney Spears, and right, Jamie Lynn Spears.Getty Images

If you were wondering why some I'm A Celebrity viewers have branded actress Jamie Lynn Spears a "villain" while watching her compete on the latest series of the reality gameshow, we've got you covered...

Jamie Lynn Spears, Marvin Humes and Nick Pickard take on the 'Temple of Doom'

Time for the first Bushtucker trial of the series, and the trio have been covered in green ants (they bite a lot) and spiders (they're just scary, to be honest).

We got a glimpse of them squirming and the timer starting before cutting to yet another ad break.

Another broken down car...

And this time Nigel Farage is diving into some sludge to get hold of some tokens.

There's lots of screaming from Josie (around some snakes), and Nella (dealing with the gunk).

I'm A Celeb fans cast doubt on Jamie Lynn Spears' introduction

After the celebrity introduced herself as being "best known for being an actor and singer", I'm A Celebrity viewers have all given the same reaction, referencing the fact that her famous sister Britney is probably how most people know of her.

Who is Nella Rose?

After a viral tweet asked "how is a YouTuber in I'm A Celeb", Twitter/X users have rushed to call on viewers to "put respect on her name", with another account calling on people to "have some manners" if they only refer to Nella Rose as just a YouTuber.

As the tweet above shows, she's also presented a number of TV programmes, including MTV's Catfish.

GB News boss responds to Ant and Dec dig at viewership

Michael Booker, the editorial director at GB News, has responded to a joke Ant and Dec made about the channel's viewership during tonight's episode of I'm A Celebrity.

Noticing that contestant Farage will be unable to present his show for a few weeks, the Geordie duo issued an "apology" to GB News viewers for taking him out of action.

"Sorry Keith, sorry Linda," Dec quipped.

Now Booker has waded in, writing on Twitter/X: "Any GB News viewers called Keith and Linda are hereby invited onto GB News tomorrow to give their views on cheeky Geordie funsters Ant and Dec."

The political memes keep coming

Sharing an image of Farage shocked to see some snakes in his first challenge, those managing the GB News presenter's Twitter/X account while he's in the jungle wrote: "When you hear David Cameron is back."

In case you missed it, the former PM returned to frontline politics this week when he was appointed foreign secretary in a reshuffle by current PM Rishi Sunak.

As we head into another ad break...

Josie, Nigel and Nella have managed to bag six minutes for their campmates taking on the tower challenge.

Farage sticking his tongue out 'scarier than actual challenge'

If you're one of those boycotting this year's I'm A Celebrity, then you've just missed out on seeing Nigel Farage trying to unscrew a star with his tongue.

We're so envious...

Everyone's fearing the same Facebook comment

"It's been on 20 minutes and I've already seen my first 'Nigel Farage seems sound actually' Facebook status," one Twitter user despaired.

Farage faces off some creepy-crawlies

Just before the first ad break, we saw Nigel Farage stick his head inside a blown up bus to come face-to-face with some creepy crawlies...

Sam Thompson teased for excited reactions to fellow celebs

Made in Chelsea's Sam Thompson was a little overexcited to see his soon-to-be campmates, hugging soap star Danielle Harold, telling Fred Siriex he's a big fan, and giving Ant and Dec a big wave as they arrive in their own helicopter.

"Sam not understanding that he is also indeed a celeb," commented one.

The next four celebrities take on a heights challenge

Made in Chelsea's Sam Thompson, EastEnders'' Danielle Harold, First Dates' Fred Siriex and MasterChef star Grace Dent have just come off their helicopters and are waiting to take on a challenge on top of a skyscraper.

Support is already flooding in for influencer Nella Rose

Viewers are already showering social media star Nella Rose with praise, with one writing: "I can tell it's gonna be war defending Nella on this app and I'm READY."

"My winner already," proclaimed a second.

Another user, however, acknowledged the older generations who may not know who Rose is, writing: "Facebook white old people going 'never heard of Nella Rose'."

Farage on the outback: This is not what I signed up for

Nigel Farage, Josie Gibson and Nella Rose have been dumped in the middle of the outback, and Gibson stared at the car containing the politician by hoping it's "somebody nice".

Looking out at the Australian scenery, Farage observed that "you could say this is not what I signed up for".

He also said he's "dealt with snakes in the European parliament", while Gibson admitted she "did not think I'd be seeing you here".

Neither did we, Josie...

Ant and Dec mock GB News viewership over Farage absence

Acknowledging that Farage will be unable to present his show on GB News while in the jungle, Ant and Dec have issued an 'apology' to the channel's viewers.

"Sorry Keith, sorry Linda," said Dec.


Farage: If you're stuck in the jungle, there's no hiding place

We've had our first look at Farage, saying "there's no hiding place" in the jungle.

And in their first intro from the bridge in Australia, Ant McPartlin's commented that this series has "already got everyone talking."

Sure has...

Here we go...

We're underway on ITV1, and we're being teased with interview clips from the celebrities.

Fred Siriex says "every night I have nightmares about it" since agreeing to take part in the show.

Here's our first look at a Bushtucker trial...

I'm A Celebrity has shared a snippet from a Bushtucker trial, with Marvin Humes, Nick Pickard and Jamie Lynn Spears taking on the 'Temple of Doom'.

Nadine Dorries has some advice for Nigel Farage

Nadine Dorries, the TalkTV presenter and former culture secretary, entered I'm A Celebrity all the way back in 2012, long before Matt Hancock thought it was worth a go.

The ex-Mid Bedfordshire MP, who left her constituents unrepresented in parliament while competing on the gameshow, has taken to Twitter/X to give Farage some pearls of wisdom as the latest politician to appear on the programme.

"My advice to Nigel is what many would say to him: just be yourself," she said.

Farage: It’ll be nice to show people I’m not nasty

Nigel Farage launches a new Ukip EU referendum poster campaign featuring migrants queuing to get into the EU under the slogan Breaking PointPA

Ahead of the GB News presenter entering the jungle, Nigel Farage has shared what he hopes to get out of his time potentially eating animal genitalia and coming face-to-face with some creepy crawlies.

He told ITV: “I want to test myself. Business, politics, media, I’ve done so many different jobs and generally I have been reasonably successful. But I have never been tested in quite this way. It’s such a mental test and maybe I will discover who I really am.”

“Reasonably” doing a lot of heavy lifting after seven failed attempts to become an MP.

Farage continued: “I understood why Matt Hancock did it. He went in there with his reputation on the floor. The truth is after the banking issue I raised a few months ago, I was standing up for a million people who had lost their bank accounts, then winning at the TRIC awards, I am going in at a different stage of my career.”

The ex-Ukip leader also expects people will vote for him to take part in the Bushtucker trials “given millions hate me”.

“My crime was to stand against an establishment view and I was for many years the lone voice saying Europe wasn’t where we should be, so I have been a little bit demonised. I am hoping those who hate me might hate me a little bit less afterwards. But it’s a gamble.

“And the idea that somehow the things I represent - mean-spirited, small-minded, nasty, the ‘little Englander’ - all those accusations that have been flung at me over the years just aren’t true.

“If we can dispel some of those misconceptions, then that will be a good thing too.”

In other words, the man who appeared beside the infamous ‘Breaking Point’ poster during the 2016 EU referendum campaign – one which saw some compare it to Nazi propaganda from the Second World War – says “it’ll be nice to show people I’m not nasty”.

Yeah… sure thing, Nige…

And if you’re considering voting him for a trial, he also revealed he’s dreading “anything to do with heights”

How have ITV and Farage responded to the controversy over his involvement?

Farage shared an endorsement from Ant and Dec last year, while ITV stressed the show has “always featured a diverse cast”.

Farage isn’t the first politician to enter the Australian jungle…

In recent years we’ve seen former culture secretary Nadine Dorries, ex-Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, former Lib Dem MP Lembit Öpik, ex-Tory Edwina Currie, Boris Johnson’s dad Stanley and disgraced former health secretary Matt Hancock all grace our screens from Australia.

Despite sparking outrage for breaking social distancing rules during the coronavirus pandemic, Hancock somehow managed to finish third in last year's series.

Nigel Farage has already escaped I’m A Celebrity’s Bushtucker trials…

Some people are already planning to vote Farage off I’m A Celebrity at the first opportunity, but for those looking to put him forward for Bushtucker trials, he’s already escaped a few challenges due to medical issues…

Who’s joining Farage in the jungle?

Ten celebrities striking poses in the middle of a jungle.


Joining Farage on the initial I'm A Celebrity line-up are:

  • Jamie Lynn Spears – that’s Britney Spears’ sister who is an actress in her own right
  • Nick Pickard – off of Hollyoaks
  • Josie Gibson – off of This Morning
  • Fred Siriex – off of First Dates
  • Nella Rose – a YouTuber and social media influencer who previously co-hosted Catfish
  • Danielle Harold – off of EastEnders
  • Sam Thompson – off of Made in Chelsea
  • Marvin Humes – A quarter of JLS who has also presented This Morning
  • Grace Dent – a columnist and broadcaster who’s appeared on MasterChef

'Boycott I'm A Celeb' trends ahead of Nigel Farage entering the jungle

Hours before the series kicks off on ITV 1 tonight, users on Twitter/X were quick to call on others to "boycott" I'm A Celebrity in protest after former Ukip leader and GB News host Nigel Farage was confirmed to be entering the Australian jungle.

At the time of writing it's ranking at number two on UK trends, and here's one of the many tweets under the hashtag...

Nigel Farage's team have responded to the hashtag with a mocking Farage GIF, and a tweet showing 'Farage' is trending with more tweets than #BoycottImACeleb.

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