Boris Becker’s son has been opening up about his ‘obvious’ good looks and people can’t believe it’s not a parody interview

The son of German tennis ace Boris Becker and German-American fashion designer Barbara Feltus has opened up about his ‘obvious’ good looks – and people are convinced the bold interview is a parody.

Elias Becker told The Times it was a “huge honour” to be named one of Britain’s most eligible people by Tatler, before candidly revealing he “just had to look at [himself]” to know he was good-looking.

When asked whether his famous parents told him about his looks growing up, the 22-year-old model said: “No, I mean, they couldn’t really keep it quiet. I just have to look at myself.”

“But it wasn’t really something that I viewed as the only thing that mattered,” he said.

He explained how his mother would embarrass him by telling her friends how beautiful he was, “But, in the last five years, I didn’t really need any assistance knowing that,” he added.

Elias, who is studying film-making at Roehampton University, believes he made Tatler’s list because of his “charisma.” He revealed his exercise regimen to be pull-ups, squats, “pistol squats” and stretching, with “a veggie and low-meat consumption” diet, before referring to Popeye’s love for spinach.

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“Spinach may not taste the best when you’re eating it raw or anything like that,” the DJ and actor said. “But I guess that’s what Popeye was trying to promote, or the cartoonist of Popeye: that we should be eating this food, you know.”

Baffled people turned to Twitter, “This is must be a parody. I cannot take this guy serious”, one said.

While another reiterated, “LMAO, is this parody? ‘No, I mean, they couldn’t really keep it quiet. I just have to look at myself.’”

Another conspired that he must have a publicist “who is trying to turn him into a meme.”

“Anyone that has to brag about how “attractive” they are, isn’t attractive”, another user added.

Others who made Tatler’s top ten most eligible people in Britain are:

  1. Emma Raducanu - Tennis player who won US Open in September
  2. The Duke of Westminster - Prince George’s billionaire godfather
  3. Lady Lola Bute - Model and daughter of the late Marquess of Bute
  4. Elias Becker - Model, DJ and actor who is the son of tennis ace Boris Becker
  5. Lady Louise Windsor - Prince Edward and Sophie the Countess of Wessex’s daughter
  6. Regé-Jean Page - Bridgerton actor
  7. Lady Eliza Spencer - Socialite and daughter of Charles Spencer and British model Victoria Aitken
  8. Romeo Beckham - Son of footballer David Beckham, 19
  9. Julia Sarr-Jamois - British street style icon
  10. The Maharaja of Jaipur - Member of the former ruling family of Jaipur State

Well, we certainly admire his confidence.

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