<p>Did a child shout ‘shut the f*** up’ at Jill Biden during reading event?</p>

Did a child shout ‘shut the f*** up’ at Jill Biden during reading event?


Another day, another absurd clip that goes viral that causes everyone to ask, ‘Is this real?”

This time around it appears first lady Jill Biden is the victim of a maliciously altered clip.

After unveiling her Christmas decorations on Monday, Dr. Biden hosted a Christmas story-time session and extended an invite to children of a Maryland school.

Footage of Biden reading passages from her children’s book Don't Forget, God Bless Our Troops to the school kids, however, later emerged online—and the scene looked anything but calm.

In the now-viral18-second clip, a child appears to shout "Shut the f*** up" at Biden during the reading session. Immediately after the child ‘screams’ at Biden, frantic parents are heard trying to get him to hush up.

Naturally, the video was shared and reposted by many right-wingers reveling in the fact that Biden was apparently yelled at by a kid.

“Kid yells at @FLOTUS to “STFU”democRats can’t even control their own children,” wrote one Twitter user.

“A kid yells at Jill Biden just as she begins to read to them,” laughed another.

One said, “Morning y'all I agree with the kid - STFU - Jill!!!!”

What the above users failed to apparently take into consideration before sharing was the validity of the clip—which is 100% fake.

In fact, the excerpt has actually been clipped from another viral video that was widely shared back in 2019.

In the original clip, the young boy is heard screaming "Shut the f*** up!" at his teacher and even goes as far as to call her a "b****" during his school's end-of-year graduation party.

So there you have it: The audio track from this clip was used to overlay a clip from Biden’s reading which can be watched in full and unedited on YouTube.

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