Dad’s hilarious mock press conference about a day with the kids goes viral
Photo courtesy of @dumbdadpod/TikTok

Evan Kyle Berger & Kevin Laferriere of The Dumb Dad Podcast have expertly portrayed a post-game press conference about some of the daily happenings of being a parent on TikTok.

The Tums, ibuprofen, and the random stickers on his shirt are added touches.

In the video, Berger is the dad getting “interviewed,” and Laferriere is behind the camera asking the questions.

“Can you sum up the day?” Laferriere asks.

Similar to a professional athlete or coach talking about a game they lost, Berger says “Yeah, honestly just felt like we got behind early after the milk spill and the marker on the wall,” complete with a look of a parent’s exasperation after a million untimely things happen.

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They also tied in the infamous “time-out” sequences that happen at home and in public at times.

“Right before you went to the store, you called a time out. Was there an attitude change after that?” Laferriere asks.

“Yeah, it felt like we were losing our heads there for a minute. We just wanted to calm things down,” Berger answers.

With other talks of losing keys that ended up not being found and giving the kids a snack 30 minutes before dinner, it’s no wonder the video reached 2.6 million views from onlookers in support of more content like this.

“Freaking gold man,” wrote a commenter.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever seen! Do more! In different varieties. But all press conference.🥰😂.🥰😂.Bravo,” wrote another.

And then Liz Plank, a columnist at MSNBC, pointed out the iconic dad “facial expressions”, saying, “the squinting when he listens.”

The comedy duo also shared this sketch on Twitter. And the reactions were equally supportive.

Check out some of those tweets below.

Evan Kyle Berger and Kevin Laferriere can be found on Instagram and Twitter. You can also listen to their podcast on Apple Podcasts.

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