Dunkin’ worker shares video on TikTok of the piles of food he throws out at the end of shifts

Dunkin’ worker shares video on TikTok of the piles of food he throws out at the end of shifts

A Dunkin worker on TikTok posted a video of the amount of food he throws away at the end of his shift, and people were shocked.

The employee, who goes by Aiden, took to the platform to post a video of himself tossing the unsold pastries out.

“I hate closing here!!! Throwing over 100 donuts away every night or more!!” the on-screen caption said that Aiden was taking trays of chocolate munchkins, and glazed and jelly-filled donuts and dumping them into a trash can.

He added: “Sucks not being able to give this many donuts away for free because of ‘cooperative.’ So sad watching this homeless couple dumpsters dive for donuts that’s soaking in coffee. Coffee grounds and milk! I bet they would choose to watch them dive than do hand them free donuts!!”

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Blows my mind #dunkindonuts #wasteoftime #donuts

Some in the comments claimed to be former Dunkin’ employees who shared similar stories.

“This is so sad. Why do Dunkins do this[?]” someone wrote.

“Yup, worked at Dunkin’ four years. They have to throw out a certain number every day, but sometimes I’d take them home and hand them out,” another added.

A third wrote: “Please give them out to ppl who are hungry. I hate to see food good to waste, especially when there are ppl who haven’t eaten in days.”

Others in the comments also said that food businesses couldn’t donate food that’s already prepared because of liability concerns.

“They can be sued if they give them away and somebody gets sick and stuff like that. I also worked there,” someone wrote.

According to the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, restaurants have legal protection to donate food.

As long as the donor doesn’t act with negligence or intentional misconduct, the restaurant won’t be liable for damage happening through ailments.

Indy100 reached out to Aiden via TikTok comments, and Dunkin’ through email to inquire about their policy with food waste.

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