14 funniest reactions to Elon Musk being named Time’s Person of the Year

14 funniest reactions to Elon Musk being named Time’s Person of the Year

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is 2021’s Time Person of the Year.

“Person of the Year is a marker of influence, and few individuals have had more influence than Musk on life on Earth, and potentially life off Earth too,” wrote TIME editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal.

But once people on Twitter got the news, they didn’t hesitate to make jokes about it.

Here at Indy100, we rounded up 14 of the funniest tweets about Musk receiving the distinction.

Check them out below.

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It has been quite the year for Musk, who became the richest person in the world, partly due to Tesla’s (TSLA) rise in stock price.

And with his space venture SpaceX, he launched the first-ever mission to Earth’s orbit with tourists and no professional astronauts.

He also inked a deal with NASA to land the first humans on the moon in nearly 50 years.

This Time tradition began with the “Man of the Year” in 1927. It has since changed to not only recognise an individual but also a means to consider a group, movement, or idea’s impact that was influential in the past year,

Last year, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were picked together as Person of the Year.

Musk’s online behavior has got him into trouble and distracted many from his achievements.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission charged the billionaire with fraud after tweeting that he had thoughts about taking Tesla private in 2018.

He then agreed to have Tesla lawyers approve tweets before he posts that would affect shareholders.

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