Emmanuel Macron approves of the Irish football fan who said 'Je suis une baguette'

Emmanuel Macron approves of the Irish football fan who said 'Je suis une baguette'
Irish fan interrupts French World Cup interview

What do you get when you cross the Irish accent with the French language? A marriage made in heaven.

That’s what happened when one Irish football fan enjoying himself in Qatar interrupted a French news report recently.

He took his moment, interrupted a French fan and said into the camera “Je suis une baguette”.

Ah, the French language. The most beautiful in the world.

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The French fan who was being interviewed watched him leave the frame, before saying to the interviewer in French: "The Irish guy there, he’s out of it, he’s hammered."

Even the President has been enjoying the viral moment Getty/L'Equipe

The moment quickly went viral and racked up millions of views.

It’s been seen all around the world, and it turns out even French President Emmanuel Macron is a fan.

As users have been spotting on social media, Macron himself has liked a post containing the video.

It just proves that Macron enjoys a good viral moment as much as the next man.

Memes have been flying around like they’re going out of fashion during the World Cup so far, whether in reaction to Mexico's Guillermo Ochoa or the draw between the USA and England.

Meanwhile, France continue their journey in the World Cup despite losing to Tunisia 1-0 on Wednesday night. They play Poland in the Round of 16 on Sunday.

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