‘Grange Hill sausage’ is trending on Twitter because one man dreamed it would

‘Grange Hill sausage’ is trending on Twitter because one man dreamed it would

Who remembers Grange Hill?

The children’s series ran for three decades from 1978, with its theme tune becoming one of the most recognisable jingles in British TV.

But since its cancellation in 2008 not much has been said about the BBC hit, other than the obligatory “where are the cast now?” roundup every few years.

That changed on Monday morning, however, after a Twitter user had a dream about the programme’s opening credits.

Sharing a screenshot from the title sequence, designer Daniel Benneworth-Gray wrote: “Dreamt that the Grange Hill sausage was trending and nobody knew why.”

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His dream swiftly came true, becoming the platform’s third top trend by noon the same day.

Big names including Richard Osman swiftly got in on the act.

The comedian and best-selling author asked his one million followers: “Can we get #GrangeHillSausage trending? What a start to the week that would be. Is the sausage being thrown, or is it being stolen from the plate? Reply with the hashtag.”

The show’s cartoon-style intro features pupils tucking into a meal of bangers and mash in their school’s cafeteria when a sausage attached to a fork suddenly hurtles through the air (or is snatched from an unsuspecting diner, depending on your take).

Within minutes of the two men’s tweets, thousands of fans piled onto the platform to offer their answers to Osman’s query, show off their punning skills, or simply share their memories of the now-axed teatime favourite:

The question now is: could the revived interest be enough to inspire a reboot of the show?

One fan certainly thinks so:

Watch this space, everyone. And maybe keep your eyes peeled for flying sausages while you’re at it...

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