Drake follows HSTikkyTokky after Miami brawl with Zherka

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Drake follows HSTikkyTokky after Miami brawl with Zherka

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YouTubers Zherka and HSTikkyTokky began fighting in the streets of Miami after their feud took a violent turn.

The pair have been at each other's throats for a while, but things suddenly escalated after they dragged each other into the road when a shouting match turned into something more sinister.

Earlier this year, Zherka got into a fight in public after he was confronted by a viewer who accused him of being racist.

From the footage that was captured on both their livestreams, Zherka appeared to push HS and take a swing at him. However, he was quickly forced to the ground, with his shirt torn off in the process by HS.

Many viewers found humour in the fact that whilst Zherka started the fight, he hit the ground first, being brand the "loser" of the exchange.

The two of them then dragged each other into a busy street whilst a car tried to pull away. Traffic begun to build up after cars were unable to get past the fight. However, the noise of car horns eventually got the pair to stand up and stop fighting.

Later on social media, Zherka said he dislocated his arm shortly after the fight.

Controversial streamer Adin Ross told his fans online after the fight that Drake had texted him about the feud.

"Bro, this dude HS is my newest favourite streamer," Drake said according to Ross. "This sh*t is f*cking hilarious. He got my respect. I used to think -- I used to wonder if he was p*ssy, but he stood tall."

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