A news reporter in Washington DC has gone viral thanks to his hilarious over-the-top segment about vandalism - which has been compared to spoken word poetry.

Pat Collins, who works for NBC4 in the United States, was sent out into the field earlier this week to report on a woman, whose car had been the victim of mistaken identity.

Nedra Brantley red Mitsubishi Outlander Sport had been attacked on Sunday, when a vandal, clearly upset with someone who had been caught cheating, spray-painted ‘Mike is a cheater’ on the side of her vehicle.

However, this isn’t really the story here. Although what has happened to Brantley is obviously bad it’s actually Collins’ overly exaggerated and eccentric mannerisms when reporting on the story.

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We would try and do it justice with a description but it’s best that you just see the evidence for yourself.

In a separate segment, that was shared on Twitter, Collin asks: ”Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike. See what you’ve done. I don’t know who you are. I don’t know where you are. But you may want to start changing your ways or changing your name.”

Collins, who is reportedly known for his passionate and unorthodox take on news stories, has since become a viral sensation with MSNBC’s Joy Reid calling him a ‘national treasure.’

Just in case you were concerned about what happened to Brantley’s she claimed that her insurance covered all the damages.

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