Ben Shapiro made the same Mother’s Day ‘joke’ again and it still wasn’t funny

<p>Ben Shapiro</p>

Ben Shapiro

The Daily Wire

Ben Shapiro has been roundly ridiculed after his attempt at humour failed to land – again.

Writing on Twitter, the US conservative commentator tried to mock inclusive language surrounding transgender people giving birth by posting this odd ‘joke’ for Mother’s Day on Sunday, and it immediately backfired:

Many were quick to tell him that he was unlikely to land a Netflix comedy special:

While others pointed out that he makes a similar joke every year, and it is never funny.

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Indeed, indy100 pointed out last that that he had made the same tired joke and he was (deservingly) roasted then, too.

It is not the first time the controversial broadcaster has been mocked in recent weeks. Last month, he bought himself a single plank of wood from Home Depot in protest at calls to boycott the company over its stance towards Georgia’s controversial new voting law.

He was also mocked recently after he claimed 4C of global warming was not an emergency.

Nevertheless, Shapiro seemed unfazed by his critics and continued to use his Twitter account and we wish he wouldn’t. One tweeter said:

While another wrote:

America celebrates Mother’s Day on 9 May every year. Thank goodness we have 364 days before we have to hear Shapiro make his joke again, then.

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