8 times major celebrities popped up in the most random places

Lizzo appears in 2014 episode of Made in Chelsea

From singers to actors, the general public are fascinated with celebrities - whether it's to do with what they wear, places they go to and their relationships.

So when a big-time celeb turns up to a completely random place, it can cause surprise and excitement (especially to those in this particular area, or setting).

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With an ASDA store, a Morrisons store, an IKEA car park and an airplane among some of the unusual destinations that celebs have been pictured - here are some of our favourites:

Miley Cyrus book signing at ASDA's Derby store

U.S. singer and actress Miley Cyrus, poses for photographers during the launch of her new clothing range at an ASDA superstore in Derby, central England, on November 9, 2010PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images

By 2010, Miley Cyrus was a global star acting as pop singer Hannah Montana on Disney Channel as well as a burgeoning solo career.

So it's fair to say people were surprised when she turned up to an ASDA supermarket in Derby for the launch of her new clothing range.

Fans greeted the then- 17-year-old as as she arrived at ASDA and said: "I'm so excited to introduce my Miley & Max clothing line to all of my fans in the UK."

Before, this Cyrus was snuck into a school in the two meet two competition winners Abbie Foster and Alysha Boudir and were surprised when the singer and actor sang the iconic Hannah Montana song 'Best of Both Worlds' right there in the school hall.

An ASDA spokeswoman said, as per Derby Telegraph: "They were already excited as they thought they were going to the store and might even get an autograph if they got there early enough. But the looks on their faces when Miley and not their mums walked into the school hall was priceless."

The Instagram account Love of Huns, which posts iconic moments in British pop culture posted a photo from the launch and reminisced at how "Miley Cyrus doing a meet & greet in Derby Asda is still one of the most wildest things to happen in the UK."

Lady Gaga in an Ikea car park

Lady GaGa IKEA CONCERT: 12-7-2008www.youtube.com

As an Oscar winner and x 13 Grammy winner, Lady Gaga has more than proven her talent but before superstardom, she performed in an IKEA car park and thus proving there is nothing she can't do.

The performance came in 2008, just after the release of her album The Fame, Gaga who was 22 years old at the time sported her iconic platinum hair, fringe and angular looks as she sang 'Beautiful, Dirty, Rich', and 'Poker Face'.

The concert was for charity, going towards Rady's Children's Hospital in San Diego, Buzzfeed reported.

Now, Gaga is performing in stadiums - talk about a journey!

Lizzo makes a cameo on Made in Chelsea

The MIC having a boogie to Lizzo - who would go on to become a global popstarMade in Chelsea

Lizzo having won three Grammy's and having hit songs such as 'About Damn Time,' 'Juice' and 'Truth Hurts', is one of the most successful artists in the world, right now.

Before she was topping the charts, some eagle-eyed fans of her music and reality TV might have spotted the singer in an episode of Made in Chelsea back in 2014.

As part of the MIC 'NYC' series, the singer performs for the cast in episode one while they're at a party, treating them to a rendition of Blondie's 'Rapture'.

However, you might not recognise the 31-year-old, as she's sporting blonde hair and an 80s-inspired outfit, totally different from the popstar we know (and love) today.

Jessie J singing on an airplane

Singer Jessie J performs a summer party themed gig on board a British Airways 777-300 on June 30, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. The singer-songwriter played an acoustic set for VIPs and competition winners to celebrate the arrival of summer in the UKPhoto by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images for British Airways

Imagine you're getting on a long-haul British Airways flight from Sydney to London, and you see none other than singer Jessie J belting out her hit tunes 'Price Tag', 'Bang Bang' and 'Domino' on board the air cabin.

Now while the location sounds pretty random and chaotic, there was a reason.

The popstar performed for celebrity special guests, VIP BA customers and 10 competition winners as the cabin was decked out in a traditional British street party, complete with bunting and bright balloons to celebrate summer arriving in the UK.

“This is the first time I’ve ever sung onboard an aeroplane and it was brilliant," Jessie said. "The audience really got into it and the cabin actually had terrific acoustics. Maybe next time we’ll take off!”

Tom Cruise eating a curry in Birmingham

Tom Cruise unexpectedly became an honorary Brummie after he made headlines when he visited an Indian restaurant in Birmingham.

And it turns out the actor loves a plate of Chicken Tikka Masala, as ordered more than one portion of the famous dish.

He was in Birmingham at the time to film the new Mission Impossible movie, where Hollywood's highest-paid actor was spotted shooting scenes at New Street Station.

At the time, the establishment tweeted a photo of Cruise posing with restaurant staff outside and wrote: "Tom ordered our famous chicken tikka masala and enjoyed it so much that as soon as he finished, he ordered it all over again - the greatest compliment."

Tom Hanks at various weddings

Tom Hanks randomly appears at so many people's weddings, he should honestly start taking bookings.

The actor can be seen chatting with guests on a beach by the Santa Monica Pier in California on Friday 22 October 2021 where the wedding of Diciembre and Tashia Farries took place.

Guests were shocked when they saw the A-lister casually on the beach, guests can be heard shouting, “That’s Woody!” in reference to the famous character he voiced in the Disney film series Toy Story.

Hanks asked the guests: “Is the groom around?” and was then told that the wedding had taken place between the two women, and in response, he exclaimed: “Oh get out, my stock just exploded!” as the crowd erupted into laughter.

The video then shows the newlyweds posing with their 1-year-old son, August, for a photo with Hanks.

However, it’s not the first time that Hanks has gatecrashed a wedding.

The 65-year-old previously posed for photos at a wedding in Central Park in 2016.

While in 2018, Hanks surprised a couple from Alabama by responding to their wedding invitation.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make the ceremony, but Hanks ended up inviting the pair to attend a play he was starring in that summer.

Elsewhere in 2017, Hanks helped with a surprise proposal during a Q&A session for his book.

In an interview last year on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Hanks described crashing weddings as an "honour."

"I keep thinking, ‘What would these people like more than anything else to remember this magic day of days? Oh, I know: Me," the 65-year-old joked.

A petition for there to be a Wedding Crashers reboot starring Hanks?

Alec Baldwin lost in Hampshire town

Alec Baldwin found himself walking through a random town in Hampshire - and he explained in a video how managed to get lost.

In February 2022, The Hollywood star told his 2.4 million Instagram followers, that he was on foot because his chauffer driver was robbed of his car outside the airport.

(As part of the storytelling, Baldwin put his acting skills to use by adopting an English accent to recount what the driver told him on the phone).

While explaining his predicament, Baldwin can be seen casually wandering through the town of Alton, "I hope you find your car," he wrote in his post caption directed to the driver.

John Travolta shopping in Morrisons and a drink in Wetherspoons

John Travolta had the true British experience when he was spotted shopping in Morrisons and later having a drink in Wetherspoons.

The Greaseactor surprised shoppers and staff in the Fakenham branch of the supermarket by turning up over the weekend (April 2-3 last year).

You don't expect to see a Hollywood star on your doorstep, but that's exactly what happened Gary Middleton, a part-time security guard at the shop, who asked for a picture with Travolta by the bread counter.

Middleton told ITV News: "I didn't even go up to him, he just came up to me and shook my hand. We had a really nice chat."

The Pulp Fiction star made time to chat with people inside the shop and stayed for an hour to have his picture taken - what a gent.

Like a true lad, Travolta then immersed himself in British culture as he a drank at a Wetherspoons in Dereham.

Punters inside the Romany Rye pub in Church Street, including Jamie Salter, were gobsmacked to see the actor in their local.

Slater said: "Meeting John Travolta was unreal. Dereham doesn’t usually play host to some of the most famous Hollywood stars on the planet.

“I feel extremely lucky to have met him as it certainly wasn’t what I expected to experience on a Thursday night out in Dereham. I enjoy going to The Romany Rye often and never would have anticipated my night going this way."

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