Kanye West defends his 'concerning' Bianca Censori content in furious Instagram vid

Kanye West defends his 'concerning' Bianca Censori content in furious Instagram vid
Kanye West responds to fans criticising Instagram posts of his wife

Kanye West has a simple message to anyone who doesn’t like the footage he posts of his wife…

“Go f*** yourself."

The controversial rapper, 46, uploaded a video to Instagram on Monday in which he ranted about critics of his content.

West’s missus, Bianca Censori, 29, has made headlines over the past year for her outlandishly risqué ensembles, which include cuddly toys, cushions, and bafflingly crude shorts.

For her latest outing, at a party in Las Vegas on Sunday, the Yeezy architect sported a barely-there bodysuit which some fans likened to a giant cornchip.

Ye then shared a clip of her in the eyebrow-raising getup to his Instagram, adding the self-aggrandising caption: “STILL THE KING.”

He then reposted the exact same vid and message, not once, but twice, within the space of an hour.

Inevitably, viewers were confused by the identical triptych, with one asking: “Kanye bro you got Alzheimer’s?? This is [the third] repost.”

The ‘POWER’ singer responded by delivering an angry monologue, which he delivered as he and Censori walked through an airport on Monday.

In the recording, West lisped through his new titanium teeth: “Y’all, I just want to tell everybody I posted my wife three times on purpose.

“So what I’m saying is, I delivered the album. Then people still in my comments [are somehow asking], ‘Why you posting your wife?’” he added, in reference to the new record Vultureswhich dropped on Friday.

“‘Cause she makes me happy,” he continued. “That’s why y’all [are] happy with the music because I’m happy. You understand?”

He went on: “So don’t ever say nothing negative. If you don’t like my page and don’t like what I’m posting, go f*** yourself. Seriously, leave me — leave the king — the f*** alone.

“I don’t care bro. I’m going to post my wife as much as I want. Go post your wife on your f***ing Instagram.”

Ye turned the camera to his wife Bianca during the angry monologue(@kanyewest/Instagram)

His message didn’t sit well with thousands of viewers, many of whom expressed ongoing concern for his wife’s wellbeing.

“Parading your wife around naked doesn't make you a king,” one commentator wrote. “She has no self respect or free will.”

Others pointed out that his attitude towards Censori’s attire is at stark odds with comments he made to Kim Kardashian when they were married.

One wrote: “I remember how you were upset about Kim back then and didn't want North to be marketed or dressed too revealingly. Now look at how you present your wife to the world.

“You want people to take you, your words and your mission seriously. How is that supposed to work if you contradict yourself in your actions?

In a 2019 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, West urged his then-wife to dress more demurely, telling her: "It affects me when pictures are too sexy."

Kanye thinks Kim's met gala dress is too muchyoutu.be

Meanwhile, another fan shared their dismay at Ye’s transformation over recent times by adapting lyrics to one of his songs.

Borrowing from the 2016 track ‘I love Kanye,’ they wrote: “I miss the old Kanye, straight from the 'Go Kanye

Who does not use his account like onlyfans Kanye

Chop up the soul Kanye, set on his goals Kanye

I hate the new Kanye, the bad mood Kanye

Sharing naked photos of his wife on his account Kanye

The always rude Kanye, [s**z] in the news Kanye

I miss the sweet Kanye, chop up the beats Kanye

I gotta to say at that time I'd like to meet Kanye

See I invented Kanye, it wasn't any Kanyes

And now I look and look around and there's so many Kanyes

I used to love Kanye, I used to love Kanye

I even had the pink polo, I thought I was Kanye

What if Kanye made a song about Kanye

Called ‘I Miss The Old Kanye,’ man that would be so Kanye

That's all it was Kanye, we still love Kanye

And I love you like Kanye loves Kanye.”

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