Here's why you should never order second cheapest wine, says expert

Here's why you should never order second cheapest wine, says expert

An 'etiquette expert' explains what not to order at a restaurant

@williamhansonetiquette / Instagram

Ever wonder what wines you should and shouldn’t choose in restaurants? Now, an expert has revealed the latter, at least.

So-called etiquette expert Willian Hanson has revealed why ordering the second-cheapest wine on a menu is almost always a bad decision.

Hanson shared the advice in a recent Instagram video, in which he revealed his tips for ordering wine when out dining.

He said the second-cheapest wine is usually of the "poorest quality" because it's been subjected to the "biggest mark-up" in price.

"When ordering from a wine list, don't make the mistake of picking the second cheapest item on the menu.

“That's often the wine with the biggest mark up from the restaurant and often the poorest of quality."

However, if you want something that’s actually good value, ask the waiter for an “end-of-bin” wine.

"Instead, ask your sommelier for any suggestions that they may have, including if they have any end-of-bin wines.

“These are wines that are no longer on the menu, but they might have some bottles round the corner available for a discount.”

And finally, Hanson said, don’t shy away from the house wine. There’s “no shame” in ordering it.

Instagram users had mixed reviews, with some finding the advice helpful.

One person said: "This one is actually very helpful! Coolio!"

Another person said: "Thank you! I would always go for the second cheapest...won't do that anymore!"

However, Hanson, who is director of etiquette training institute The English Manner, also came in for some criticism.

One person said: “Tried this in Wetherspoons, apparently it was the sommelier’s day off.”

Another said: “Ask my sommelier? You mean the uni student working part time and hating every second of it?”

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