101 of the most hilarious Brexit moments from the most ridiculous years in British politics ever

101 of the most hilarious Brexit moments from the most ridiculous years in British politics ever

After four and a half long and exhausting years, Brexit is finally over and it's almost as if we are past the point of caring.

This entire process has dragged on for so long, consumed so many aspects of our lives, ruined the careers of several politicians and made people so rabid about a subject that no one apart from a few Eurosceptics cared about until the summer of 2016.

We almost don't know what is right and wrong anymore. Sometimes you find yourself agreeing with people on Brexit that you wouldn't be seen dead with. Half of us are now experts on EU law and migration figures and are more than happy to tout them to anyone that disagrees with us.

Then you've got someone like Boris Johnson, who has basically used leaving the EU has a bargaining tool to secure himself as prime minister and give the Tories an overwhelming majority in Westminster.

As the UK crashes out of the EU today, many will wonder what the whole debacle was actually for and why we wasted so much time and effort on something which in retrospect we know will go down as one of the most shameful and embarrassing periods in this country's history.

The ridiculousness of the entire situation will be talked about for years and there will be many books written and documentaries made but as our time in the EU finally draws to a close we thought we would look back at its most farcical moments, 100 of them in fact (to be honest there could have been a lot more), as an almost cathartic exercise.

So sit back and look through our (vaguely) chronological list of Brexit's most ridiculous moments, including lots of Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees-Mogg, James O'Brien and Mark Francois.

1. ​Priti Patel compared voting Leave to 'leaping from the Titanic

Before the EU referendum in 2016, MPs were already coming up with bizarre quotes and nonsensical analogies to describe our relationship to the EU. Take for instance this from now home secretary, Priti Patel in March of 2016.

[Businesses] should ponder the costs of giving away permanent control of so many vital policies. They should ponder the costs of having the European Commission, dominated by French interests, controlling British commercial policy for decades to come. They should consider how the eurozone's trajectory will make this worse.

A vote to leave is not 'a leap in the dark'� it is a leap from a ship heading, like the Titanic, towards a huge iceberg.

2. Michael Gove said "we hold all the cards"

One of the chief architects of the Vote Leave campaign was Michael Gove, who has constantly produced pearls of wisdom throughout the entire process. This from April 2016 might be our favourite though.

The day after we vote to leave, we hold all the cards and we can choose the path we want

3. Nigel Farage said that 'a 52-48 referendum would be unfinished business by a long way’

A classic of the genre here and our first entry from Farage.

This quote has almost become synonymous with Remainers and the second referendum crowd, so much so that it has begun popping up on billboards around the country.

4. Nigel Farage said 'we shouldn't listen to unelected old men about the EU'

Another classic from Farage that dates back to just a few weeks before the 2016 referendum. In an ITV debate he said:

We're not going to be bullied by the unelected old men who run the EU

Farage completely failing to recognise the irony of a 50+ unelected man telling who we should and shouldn't listen to.

5. The Brexit flotilla fight on the Thames

A truly enduring image of Brexit was now legendary stand-off on the Thames between a group of Brexiteers led by Farage and Kate Hoey and a group of Remainers led inexplicably by Bob Geldof.

Looking back, we're almost sure that this was the point of no return for the UK.

6. Ukip release an anti-EU poster that resembles 'outright Nazi propaganda

While Brexit has been a completely comical farce, we can't look beyond all the nastiness and bile that has been spewed. This had begun before UKIP unveiled a poster that was almost identical to anti-Jewish propaganda used by the Nazis but it definitely helped embolden it.

7. Nigel Farage called himself a 'victim' when talking about Jo Cox

The murder of Labour MP Jo Cox by a radicalised member of the far-right for campaigning to remain in Europe is still the single darkest moment in the Brexit saga, which still feels almost hard to believe. Speaking to ITV's Robert Peston, just days after the tragedy, Farage dared to say that he also felt that he was also a victim of 'political hatred'.

I think I’ve been a politician that has been a victim of it [hatred] to be honest with you.

8. Trump says that Scotland ‘took back control of their country’ despite them voting to remain

Donald Trump who once called himself 'Mr. Brexit' has been in full support of the UK leaving the EU since day one. On the day after the referendum, Trump was in Scotland and proudly talked about 'Brits taking back control of their country' despite standing in a part of the country which had 100 per cent voted to remain.

9. Nigel Farage disowns Vote Leave '£350m for the NHS pledge' hours after EU referendum result

The sudden realisation at what had just happened really hit home on the morning of June 24, when Nigel Farage appeared on Good Morning Britain and with a straight face said that the Vote Leave pledge of giving £350-million back to the NHS a week was a mistake which they shouldn't have said.

10. An actual campaign was launched calling for London's independence ​

In all the hysteria after the vote there was a lot of silliness going on, that, looking back at it, a few people probably regret.

Take for instance the campaign to have London become independent due to it's overwhelming vote for remain.

Although the account was just a parody, it does typify the kind of arrogance from both sides, that has persisted throughout the entire process.

11. David Cameron singing after resigning

Ahh yes, David Cameron, the man who instigated the whole debacle and then realised he couldn't be bothered to sort it out, so packed his bags and left someone else to deal with it. After giving his resignation speech and handing the reigns over to Theresa May, he was caught on camera humming, what some thought to be the theme from The West Wing.

12. Tom Watson had a whale of a time at Glastonbury

Labour's continued disintegration and failure to deal with Brexit was almost typified from the get-go when their former deputy leader Tom Watson was spotted at Glastonbury in his Fred Perry shirt and Wellington boots with a can of Magners in his hand, while his party was literally falling apart at the seams.

13. Boris Johnson speech uploaded to PornHub

Although Johnson tried his best to stay out of the firing line in the aftermath of the vote, his downbeat 'victory speech' practically became a meme and even ended up on PornHub with the title 'dumb blonde f**ks 15 million people at once.'

Picture:Picture: PornHub

14. Louise Mensch confuses the closure of Fabric with Brexit

In September 2016, it was announced that the iconic London nightclub Fabric would be closing down (don't worry it's still open).Yet for some reason former Tory MP, Louise Mensch thought journalist Clive Martin was complaining about Brexit when he vented his frustration about the closure of the club and tried to accuse him of being 'ageist.'

15. The moment a Tory Brexiteer admitted that the Leave campaign didn’t have a post-Brexit plan

The moment that we should have realised that we were truly screwed was when Sky News reporter Faisal Islam spoke to Tory Brexiteer who told him that the Vote Leave campaign didn't have a strategy going forward and that it was the government's fault.

16. The Brexit Toblerone

To say that Brexit was a vote to 'cut off your nose to spite your face' would be an understatement but the reality of the situation would have really hit home for some on Christmas Day 2016 when they opened up their Toblerone chocolate to find that it had considerably fewer segments than before.

17. Theresa May’s multitude of catchphrases

If she wasn't saying 'Brexit means Brexit' she was saying 'Strong and stable' or even the rarely seen 'red, white and blue Brexit' which she uttered on December 6, 2016.

Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, black Brexit, white Brexit, grey Brexit – and actually what we should be looking for is a red, white and blue Brexit.It’s about a red, white and blue Brexit. That is the right Brexit that is the right deal for Britain.

That's something that an actual leader of a country once said.

18. Woman claims seeing a straight banana in a supermarket made her turn into Leave voter

A classic moment from Question Time here, which has basically become a live TV forum for quotes that not even the greatest satirists of our times could produce.

19. The new street named after Brexit is literally a road to nowhere

A lesser remembered story here about a road in the French commune of Beaucaire, was renamed by its right-wing mayor as 'Brexit Street.' The problem was that the road literally led to nowhere.

20. The government forgot to mention anything about £350 million pounds for the NHS in their Brexit White Paper

Remember the Brexit White Paper that the government took forever to produce? Well, they didn't mention a thing about the £350m to the NHS a week, proving once and for all it was a big old fib.

21. David Cameron, who sank his own career said it was right to steer into the iceberg

Cameron again here, whose relative obscurity meant that he avoided any scrutiny on Brexit. Despite that, he insisted that he didn't regret a thing. Speaking to students in the Ukraine in March 2017 he still believed that it was the right thing to have done:

I thought it right to hold the referendum because this issue had been poisoning British politics for years. The referendum had been promised and not held, I made a promise to hold a referendum, I think it was the right thing to do.

22. Going to war with Spain over Gibraltar

We almost forgot this one but remember when people were talking about going to war with Spain because of Gibraltar? This came four days after Article 50 was triggered and came down to Spain apparently wanting to veto any arrangements with Gibraltar. The situation was perhaps best described by Lord Michael Howard who seemed to be campaigning for war with the Iberian nation.

We are going to look after Gibraltar. Gibraltar will be protected all the way. The sovereignty of Gibraltar cannot be changed without the agreement of the people of Gibraltar and they have made it very clear they do not want to live under Spanish rule.

There is no question whatever that our Government will stand by Gibraltar.

35 years ago this week another woman Prime Minister sent a task force half way across the World to defend the freedom of another small group of British people against another Spanish-speaking country.

I am absolutely certain our current Prime Minister will show the same resolve

23. Department for Brexit accidentally praises the EU

Oh David Davis, what a fun time you had as the Brexit secretary. Turning up to negotiations with no paperwork. Spouting nonsense on the radio. It was all very iconic.

During his time in the Department for Exiting the European Union, they even tweeted out a map that showed just how much UK trade had benefited from being in the EU, not that that matters anymore.

24. The EU subtweeted the UK about bicycles

If you thought the UK was being the awkward one in the Brexit situation, let's not forget that EU hasn't exactly covered itself in glory and humility. On June 12, 2017, it basically subtweeted the UK over the trade of bicycles since 2016.

25. David Davis said the UK is the only country that would actually choose to leave the EU

More Davis here, who in July 2017 seemed to realise what a catastrophic mistake this whole thing was and that Britain was the only country arrogant enough to go through with such a thing.

26. That time the former chief of staff to the Brexit secretary went rogue

Once upon a time, James Chapman was David Davis's chief of staff but he left after the 2017 general election. Then he went rogue and just started slagging all of his former bosses off on Twitter.

27. This photo of Theresa May

We really don't need to add much context to this one other than it being the image that summed up Theresa May's relationship with Brexit.

28. Someone made a porn parody called 'Hard Brexxxit'

The heyday of the porn parody is long gone, confined to the 2007 time capsule and to never be spoken of again. It did make a brief reappearance during the Brexit saga with something called 'Hard Brexxxit' that looked like something lifted straight out of Eurotrash.

29. Brexit was debated on Love Island

The current contestants on Love Island will have started the show as citizens of the EU but will no longer be part of it once it is all over. Back in the 2018 edition of the reality show, Brexit was actually a topic that was kinda debated, when the female contestant questioned whether trees would be affected by Brexit. Turns out they were right.

30. Grandson of Winston Churchill calls Nigel Farage an ‘absolute t**t’

Nicholas Soames grandfather, Winston Churchill delivered some of the all-time greatest speeches in British history. Soames, who is an articulate man, didn't extend his vocabulary too far when he called out Nigel Farage on June 3 2018, but in a way managed to speak to every single one of us.

31. The Belgian PM gave Theresa May a 'Hazard, number 10' shirt

There was a period where it seemed that everyone had it in for Theresa May. For instance here is the Belgian prime minister giving her a t-shirt that was a 'tribute' to footballer Eden Hazard...

32. Someone left this bizarre 'Brexit hymn' on a train

It was around this point that Brexit mania started to filter through to the public. A prime example of this being this completely bizarre Brexit poem.

33. Radio caller 'wipes the floor' with Nigel Farage

LBC Radio's contribution to the Brexit farce has been one of the low-key delights of this entire period. Where else could you hear someone tear Nigel Farage a new one for his antics.

34. Man maps out 'Stop Brexit' around Europe on a GPS

We told you the public was starting to get a little crazy about this. Here is Andy Pardy, who drove around the continent to map out the words 'Stop Brexit.' We're sure he had a lovely trip, but wow.

35. Brexiteer claims EU forced uncontrolled immigration on the UK

Back to the Brexiteers and here is a man talking to pro-EU activist Femi and claims that the UK has had uncontrolled immigration forced upon it by the EU, which isn't true at all.

36. Theresa May confronting Jean-Claude Juncker

During her time as PM, Theresa May wasn't known for going out her way and bossing people around. When she did it was pretty embarrassing. Like the time she called Jean-Claude Juncker 'nebulous'.

37. Gina Miller posed with the 'fragile' Irish border

Gina Miller, who is one of the most prominent anti-Brexit campaigners in the media, didn't cover herself in glory when she composed a bizarre photoshoot of herself at the Irish border that quickly became a joke.

38. Theresa May quotes a cartoon meerkat in the House of Commons

In a moment that later turned out to be a bet between two Tories, Theresa May found herself quoting the meerkat from the Compare the Markey adverts. This was a low point.

39. Jacob Rees-Mogg and his fellow Brexiteers held a very diverse press conference

Take a look at the below picture and try and tell us what is wrong. We'll wait.

40. Brexiteer James Dyson is building his electric cars in Singapore

James Dyson, the British entrepreneur and businessman, who was a big advocate for leaving the EU, announced in October 2018 that he wouldn't be building his new range of electric cars in the UK but instead would be taking them to Singapore.

Dyson's growing automotive team is making excellent progress from the state-of-the-art hangars at Hullavington Airfield in Wiltshire where we are investing £200m.

Clearly we now need to move quickly towards manufacturing and assembly.

The decision of where to make our car is complex, based on supply chains, access to markets, and the availability of the expertise that will help us achieve our ambitions

Face palm.

41. Theresa May got locked in her car before meeting Angela Merkel

That's it. That's the story.

42. UKIP make a Nigel Farage condom

'For when you have a hard Brexit.'

43. Danny Dyer calls David Cameron a t**t on live TV for leaving the country to deal with Brexit

Most people would almost unanimously agree that Danny Dyer's incredible outburst against David Cameron was the best moment of Brexit related television ever. And they wouldn't be wrong.

44. The ridiculous 50p Brexit nonsense

Trying to get a deal for Brexit was one thing but the saga over the commemorative Brexit 50p was another. Firstly we were supposed to get them on the original departure date of March 29, 2019, then they were supposed to arrive on second departure date of October 31st.

That didn't happen again but now they are finally arriving after January 31 and what are people planning to do with? Give them to charity of course.

45. David Davis said that there would be ‘hiccups’ if there was a no-deal

[If talks collapsed] we would leave and there would be some hiccups in the first year, no doubt.

If there is a hostile relationship there will undoubtedly be some frictions and bumps along the way in the first year.

We are a big country - we can look after ourselves and we will look after ourselves very well indeed once we are properly out of the European Union.

Davis there using 'hiccups' as a synonym for 'complete and utter disaster.'

46. Brexiteer David Davies called a 'liar' by another Brexiteer

When the battle lines are drawn there can often be a few that are thrown under the bus or left behind. David Davies, the other one, got a taste of this in May 2019 when he was confronted by a very angry and possibly confused activist outside of Parliament.

47. Dominic Raab didn’t realise how reliant UK trade is on the Dover-Calais crossing

In possibly the most embarrassing moment for any MP during Brexit was when Dominic Raab, who was the Brexit secretary at the time, admitted that he had almost no idea how important one of Britain's most direct routes of transport to mainland Europe was for trade.

48. Brexit protester plays a game of cat and mouse with BBC cameras

Steve Bray, or 'Stop Brexit Man' as he was also known, became a bit of an institution outside of Westminster for the past few years. Here he is displaying a surprisingly good knowledge of just how BBC News broadcasts work.

49. Mr. Blobby appeared on Loose Women and gave his thoughts on Brexit

Yes, this is a thing that actually happened.

50. Piers Morgan makes tone-deaf comment on gender amid Brexit chaos

Piers Morgan, whose relevance and presence on our television screens continues to be a mystery, took a swipe a Theresa May on November 15, 2018 and somehow managed to wind up making a completley ignorant comment about gender.

51. Football manager blames strict handball ruling on the EU

Imagine for a moment, you are Ian Holloway. A relatively successful football manager who has managed in the Premier League. You know a bit about the game and are allowed to share your opinions on the sport on national media. Then you go on television and say this...

52. Ozzy Osbourne has no idea what Brexit is

Legendary rocker and Black Sabbath front man, Ozzy Osbourne is a man after our own hearts after he admitted on November 26, 2018 that he didn't know what Brexit is. Not a clue. Nothing.

Talking to the Big Issue he said:

People keep going on at me about that – is it a big deal over there? What will happen with it? Are people voting in or out, what’s going on.

I don’t read the newspapers and I don’t really talk politics because I don’t really know. I don’t really understand Brexit.

53. Leave voter breaks down in tears on live radio

If you've ever felt like the entire Brexit thing has gotten a bit too much for you, spare a thought for Bill from Portsmouth who phoned James O'Brien on LBC Radio on November 15, 2018 and while crying, apologised for voting to leave the EU.

54. Woman says she still wants Brexit even if it puts her out of business

Another from LBC Radio here, where Nick Ferrari is left speechless after a woman named Natalia admitted that she still wanted Brexit, even if it meant her food business would likely have to close down.

55. Tory councillor tries to argue that travelling in Europe with a visa will be better than without

Here is yet another James O'Brien moment, this time featuring an actually elected Tory councillor from Amber Valley in Derbyshire who tried to defend a ridiculous argument that somehow travelling is Europe with a visa is actually better than travelling without one.

56. Jacob Rees-Mogg warned there would be a rise of 'right-wing extremism' if Brexit was delayed

This quote from Jacob Rees-Mogg came at a point where Westminster was being overrun with clashes between the police and far-right protestors who were trying their best to intimidate MPs. But according to an interview that Rees-Mogg gave to the Spectator in February 2019, the only person that would have benefited from staying in the EU any longer would be Tommy Robinson.

If we try to stay and we stay beyond the European elections, there will only be one winner from that, and that would be Tommy Robinson


57. Andy Serkis reimagined Theresa May as Gollum

We didn't say it was just Brexiteers who were capable of ridiculousness. Here is actor Andy Serkis reprising his role of Gollum from Lord of the Rings but instead he is pretending to be Theresa May, pushing her 'precious' deal through the Commons. I mean c'mon. We all really needed a lie down at this point.

58. Marvel mocked Brexit in an Avengers comic

Even Marvel was getting in on the act when they had Captain Britain make a joke about Brexit in Avengers #11 from December 2018.

59. A boyband released an anti-Brexit song

We almost wish this one wasn't true but yes, a Dutch called 'The Breunion Boys' was formed to make a song called 'Britain Come Back' in a vague attempt to get the UK to stay in the EU. It's didn't work and the song wasn't very good.

60. Tory MP says she will work 'Saturdays and Sundays' to get Brexit done

With just weeks to go before the October 31st deadline, the Tory MP Victoria Atkins appeared on Sky News and proudly said that she would work 'Saturday and Sundays to get Brexit done.' What valour. What heroism. What a sacrifice. A true patriot.

61. Tory MP told a Remain activist that 'we are signing your death warrant'

Mark Francois really didn't make his presence known in the Brexit debate until quite late in the game but boy did he make an impact. Here he is in June 2019 telling the aforementioned Steve Bray that they are going to be 'signing his death warrant' when the UK leaves the EU. Such lovely, kind natured stuff from a member of parliament.

62. This BBC interview between a Remain and Leave voter

Vox pop interviews as they are known in the biz, can go either way. They can either be super boring and completely pointless or they can be completely brilliant and hilarious just like this one.

63. MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed warns her 'constituents will riot' if there is a second referendum

The Northern coastal town of Berwick-upon-Tweed has a population of just over 12,000 and is known for its market and scenery. We sincerely doubt there would have been riot if there was a second EU referendum but it's MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan was sure they would be up in arms if they had to vote again.

64. Dominic Raab admits he hasn’t read the Good Friday agreement

A completely shameless moment this as the then Brexit Secretary admits that he hasn't read one of the most important documents in British political history. When facing questions from Lady Sylvia Hermon at the Northern Ireland Committee meeting in February 2019, Raab said:

Um, I haven’t sat down and started at the beginning and gone through it. But of course, at various points of the negotiations when issues have been raised, it has been an important opportunity to delve into the different aspects very carefully. It’s not like a novel, you sit down and say ‘do you know what, over the holidays, this is a cracking read'.

65. Guy Verhofstadt wonders whether Brexiteers would even be 'welcomed into hell'

Guy Verhofstadt, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator became an unlikely hero for Remainers, mostly due to his sassiness on Twitter. One of his more eyebrow raising moments was when he made reference to a quote fron Donald Tusk, who asked if there would be a 'special place in hell' for Brexiteers. Verhofstadt followed that up by saying that they wouldn't even get into hell.

66. James Delingpole left speechless after failing to explain why no deal would work

67. Brexit supporter tells BBC News it 'will do the country good to go without food'

Another classic vox pop here. It really does beggar belief.

68. The Chris Grayling ferry debacle

It's really hard to know where to start with Chris Grayling and his almighty cock-up with a multi-million-pound ferry contract which he gave to a company that didn't have any ferries. However, the best way to sum up just how idiotic the whole thing was is this correction on the story from the New York Times.

69. Nigel Farage's 'March to Leave'

Undoubtedly the most depressing sight of Brexit was Nigel Farage playing pied piper to a small group of his followers who he led on a march from Sunderland to London in March 2019 as some sort of protest. The march kicked off in a wet and muddy field on a Saturday afternoon and Farage couldn't even be bothered to do the entire march himself. Utterly preposterous.

70. The 'fake Brexit traffic jam'

Nobody likes a traffic jam but a fake traffic jam is even worse. This was a roleplay that the government orchestrated to see how long delays would take at the Port of Dover if there was a no-deal. It also happened of the same day that Piers Morgan pretended to be sick after eating a vegan sausage roll.

71. Nigel Farage states incorrect facts about Ireland and the EU on lrish TV

Mark Twain once wrote 'never let the truth get in the way of a good story.' Nigel Farage clearly took that to heart as he can talk a good game but barely has any concept of facts. Here he is trying to argue that Ireland's EU membership has been a detriment to them, when it clearly hasn't.

72. Rachel Johnson got naked on Sky News for Brexit

Boris Johnson's own sister, Rachel, who does not share his views on Brexit, paid tribute to a pro-EU activist called Victoria Bateman who had been stripping off to get noticed and make valid points about the EU, by doing exactly the same. A 'jumped the shark moment' if there ever was one.

73. A Brexiteer asked Poland to help block an Article 50 extension

Irony didn't appear to cross the mind of Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski, who on January 22nd exercised his right as an EU citizen to ask Poland to veto an Article 50 extension and actively work with another government to undermine his own government. Honestly...

74. Leave Means Leave featured 63-year-old Wetherspoon's owner in video aimed at young people

The short-lived Leave Means Leave group which was a sort of forefather of the Brexit Party attempted to get young people on board with their message by featuring Tim Martin in one of their campaign adverts. I don't know about you but this guy has clearly been drinking from the fountain of youth.

75. Will Self argues with Mark Francois on live television

In terms of polar opposites, we don't think we could find two more different people than Mark Francois and the author Will Self, who had an argument on Politics Live that was so bizarre it could have been taken from a sketch show.

76. Brexiteers try to claim that God is against the EU

Brexit protesters in Westminster, both for Leave and Remain, are truly a special breed of people. One of the most shocking examples of the propaganda that was presented to people outside of parliament was a radicial group who claimed that God was not in favour of the EU.

77. Jon Snow eviscerates Matt Hancock

Channel 4 News would have more than a few iconic moments with Brexiteers many of which came from Jon Snow. Here he is on March 14, 2019 going ballistic at Matt Hancock. It is a very satisfying watch.

78. Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo and Liz Kendall all dance for Brexit

In a scene that could have been lifted straight from Caligula, Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo and Labour's Liz Kendall actually danced on BBC television for Brexit. Nightmarish stuff.

79. 'Oh, Nick, don't go, come on'

Here we have former Tory MP Nick Boles quitting the Tory party as they have 'failed to compromise' on a withdrawal bill and retain some political cohesion. As he quit in the Commons, one of his former colleagues could be heard shouting the now iconic words of 'oh, Nick, don't go, come on.'

80. Man on Question Time thinks he has found a unique and original solution to the problem with the Irish border

Back to Question Time now and the man who in October 2019 came up with the brilliant solution of the Irish backstop. He said:

It’s gonna sound crazy, but Ireland being referred to as Ireland, the island of Ireland… why don’t we just try to get that an island again?

That's actually what he said.

81. Boris Johnson compared Brexit to Moses leading the Israelites out of slavery

We all know that Tories like to keep up to date with their cultural references so here's Boris Johnson in March 2019 genuinely comparing Brexit to Moses leading the Israelites away from the slavery of the Pharaoh.

82. Darren Grimes said 'no one in the country is calling for me to go to prison'

Darren Grimes was a pro-Brexit activist in the 2016 referendum who shot to fame after being involved in a scandal where he 'BeLeave' campaign received a sizeable donation from the Vote Leave campaign. It was quite a big deal and Vote Leave eventually withdrew the money and paid a fine. Grimes hasn't exactly covered himself in glory during the Brexit saga, mostly because he talks too much on Twitter, like the time in October 2018 where he said that 'no one in this country is calling me to go to prison.' People didn't agree.

83. Jon Snow said he'd never seen so many 'white people'

When Brexit failed to happen on March 29 the masses had gathered in Westminster to see what the outcome would be. While describing the people who had come out in support of Brexit, Channel 4's Jon Snow said that he'd never seen so many 'white people' a quote that he would later to come to regret.

84. DUP MEP mocks May 'begging' for Brexit extension with Oliver Twist meme

Northern Ireland's DUP were brought into government by Theresa May to prop up the Tories after they lost their majority in the 2017 general election. Their relationship was never perfect and was basically summed up by a tweet from Diane Dodds, a DUP MEP, who mocked May for asking for another Article 50 extension.

85. Mark Francois threatened the EU with 'perfidious Albion on speed'

If Danny Dyer won the award for the best Brexit rant, Mark Francois won the gong for the worst Brexit rant when on April 9, 2019 he stood at a podium in front of a room of people and said to the EU:

If you now try to hold us in against our will, you will be facing Perfidious Albion on speed

86. A Brexit Party candidate tried to claim the EU is responsible for child poverty

Mike Greene twice failed to become the MP for Peterborough in 2019, losing a by-election and general election. It's probably for the best as the Brexit Party candidate went on BBC Radio 4 in May and blamed the EU for child poverty.

87. Brexit Party MEP complained about getting a new iPad from the EU for 'no obvious reason'

Annunziata Rees-Mogg, who was a Brexit Party MEP and is Jacob Rees-Mogg's sister was elected to the European Parliament in the summer 2019 elections. Upon arriving at her new job she couldn't understand why she had been given new tools like an iPad to do her job. Luckily people were more than happy to tell her.

88. Brexit Party MEPs turn their backs in the European parliament

One of the Nigel Farage and his friend's last acts in the EU was to embarrassingly wave their tiny little Union Jack flags despite being told not too. That was bad but it wasn't as bad as when they all turned their backs on the European anthem in July.

89. Brexiteer wants to leave EU so she can 'eat fish and chips from a newspaper again'

In maybe the most depressing phone call that James O'Brien ever took on Brexit, a woman named Christine told the radio host that she wanted to leave the EU so she could 'eat fish and chips from a newspaper again.'

90. Brexit Party candidate suggests Remainers should be thrown into the Tower of London

Darren Selkus was a Brexit Party candidate for Epping Forest in East London who caused a minor scandal after recording a viral video where he suggested that Remainers should be thrown into the Tower of London.

He later popped up in November last year when he laid down a Brexit Party poppy reef at a Remembrance Day ceremony.

91. Mark Francois said 'country will explode' if we don't leave EU on October 31st

Master of hyperbole, Mark Francois strikes again.

92. Brexit Party MEP appears to struggle with the concept of people going home after work

More Brexit Party nonsense here as Alexandra Phillips, the MEP for South East England actually complained about other MEPs leaving the European Parliament after a session had finished.

93. Diabetic man says he would rather leave the EU than have insulin

What hope did remain have when someone would rather die than be in the EU?

94. Amber Rudd admits Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal will 'damage the economy' but she supports it anyway

Sterling work from Amber Rudd here. Just iconic stuff.

95. The wrong language was used at a Brexit information point in Belgium

The government's 'Get Ready for Brexit' campaign was a colossal waste of time and money and achieved nothing. The worst example of its failure was actually in Belgium where a stand was erected at a service station in the Flemish Region of the country, where funnily enough they speak Flemmish. The problem was the sign wasn't in Flemmish. It was in French.

Great work guys. You had one job.

96. Brexit Party candidate spouts bonkers conspiracy theories about the EU on television

Timothy Vince was standing for parliament in South Thanet. Thankfully, he didn't get elected otherwise we would have to listen to stuff like this which he said on Sunday Politics South East back in November.

The founding myth of the EU is actually the exploitation of women - you have the statue of Zeus with Europa riding, and it's based on deception, abduction and rape.

My concern is that the EU is leading us to an empire. That is basically totalitarial [sic], which takes away the choice of the democratic element.

97. Brexit Party MEP says that remaining in the EU is better than Boris Johnson's withdrawal deal

Not all the Brexit Party members were completely round the twist. There is Ben Habib, an MEP, who criticised Boris Johnson's withdrawal deal on Sky News in November, so much so that he said he would rather stay in the EU than see it pass, which really beggars then question of why he was in the Brexit Party in the first place.

98. Brexit Party MEP fails to notice irony after asking 'who will now hold the EU to account?'

A hat-trick of bizarre Brexit Party quotes is finished off here by June Mummery who appeared to be unaware of the irony after complaining that no one will be around after Brexit to question what the EU is doing in British waters if the Brits aren't there to represent themselves. Oh, June, where do you want us to start?

99. Boris Johnson said he wants to treat Remainers as 'friends and equals'

Almost at the end now and after 'Getting Brexit Done' Boris Johnson brazenly said in his New Year's Day message that he wanted to treat those that didn't vote for him as 'friends and equals' as if he hadn't just won on of the most toxic and divisive election campaigns in history.

I know that many of you do not consider yourself natural Tories and may only have lent me your vote. I am humbled by your support and will work every day to keep it. I am also acutely aware that there are millions of people who did not vote for me and were disappointed by the result.

If you are one of them, I want to reassure you that I will be a prime minister for everyone, not just those who voted for me. I know that you love this country no less, simply because you voted for another party or wanted to remain.

100. The Big Ben Brexit Bong fiasco

Even in the last month of Brexit we couldn't escape the nonsense as Brexiteers had vowed to have Big Ben chime at 11pm on January 31 as a way of marking our exit from the EU. In reality, it was never going to happen as Big Ben is currently undergoing maintenance and it would take £500,000 to actually get it up and working. That being said Mark Francois was willing to donate a grand to the cause. How generous of him, despite it not marking our sovereignty in the slightest.

Instead, we'll get a projected countdown from 10pm on Downing Street, government buildings lit up in the colours of the Union Jack and party in parliament square featuring Farage and his mates.

101 Kent basically becomes a giant car park for lorries

Towards the end of 2020 and the possibility of a disasterous no-deal loomed and coronavirus cases began to spike, France blocked the channel tunnel and chaos duly followed as thousands of lorry drivers were left stranded in Dover, causing miles upon miles of tailbacks. Can't say that people weren't warned though.

So that’s that. How long do wanna bet before a ‘Return Party’ emerges?

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