Rishi Sunak vows to put EU laws 'through shredder' in new campaign ...
Rishi Sunak

It is another day in the Tory leadership campaign, and Rishi Sunak's latest video saw EU laws being "shredded" - but social media users decided to shred him for the stunt.

In the minute-long clip, an unknown man channelled David Brent as he entered the "Brexit Delivery Department," (a sign made from folded-up paper stuck on the front of an office door) with a shredder in hand.

He dramatically slammed down boxes of papers titled "EU legislation," "EU bureaucracy," and "EU red tape" and paused to put his hands on his hips in discontent.

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"Hmm," he said, and apparently one small shredder wasn't enough so upgraded to one at least triple the size and pushed the smaller one off the table because, as established, it's dramatic.

"In his first 100 days as prime minister, Rishi Sunak will review or repeal post-Brexit EU laws..." the text read on screen before it cut back to the man stretching as he geared up for the big shredding job.

All this while Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 - Ode to Joy played in the background - a rather interesting choice to use a German composer's music on the topic of Brexit.

"All 2,400 of them," the text then reads, as shredded paper falls through the screen - but what's on this paper?

Not a lot as the symbolic paper simply has the words "EU legislation" along with EU flag before it got shredded.

A bundle of the shredding is then shown with an uncanny likeness to Boris Johnson's hair, as the words: "Keep Brexit Safe. Vote Rishi Sunak today," appeared on the screen.

Alongside the campaign clip, Sunak tweeted: "A new Brexit delivery unit.

"Reviewing every EU law on our statute book. Starting my first 100 days.

"Let's keep Brexit safe #Ready4Rishi," he added.

It didn't take long for Sunak to be ripped into - much like the sheets of paper that were shredded in his campaign video - as people slammed the video.

Comedian David Baddiel put it simply when he responded: "Keep Brexit Sh**."

Jessica Simor QC said the video was so unintentionally satirical that her son "refuses to believe that this is real."

LBC radio host James O'Brien couldn't quite believe his eyes either as he didn't have time to leave spaces when he tweeted: "Sorrywhatpardon?"

Comedian Tom Walker - otherwise known as political correspondent Jonathan Pie- referenced the current cost of living crisis the country is facing, with rising energy billswhen he tweeted: "How about keeping people warm this winter without financially ruining them?"

Actor Con O'Neill also mentioned how "people are going to die this winter because of the fuel and cost of living crisis," and also brought up the "negligent governing" during the Covid pandemic.

He offered Sunak a new slogan, "keep citizens safe."

First Dates star Fred Sirieix slammed Sunak and Brexit when he wrote: "Is that all you got Rishi? Brexit is a disaster for the UK. Surely you can see that? What delusion!!!"

BBC pundit and ex-footballer, Gary Lineker jokingly commented: "Love these political parody accounts. This is right up there with @RosieisaHolt. Excellent work."

While many noted that the campaign video looked like it was a scene of straight out The Office.

More people also thought the film was something straight out of a GCSE drama studies class - perhaps it was the paper door sign...

Elsewhere others pointed out shredding up paper isn't exactly a detailed policy nor is it a way to repeal laws.

Well, we're eagerly awaiting the sequel that will get into the nitty-gritty details of the policy.

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