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99 per cent of Netflix users don’t use this one part of the service

99 per cent of Netflix users don’t use this one part of the service
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Netflix is a popular streaming platform with over 250 million subscribers, but there's one feature that the majority of users do not use at all.

The streaming services are not only home to thousands of TV series and films, but there are also plenty of video games to play.

Gaming studios such as Night School Studios, which developed the Oxenfree games were acquired by the company.

Despite the development of Oxenfree 2 exclusively for Netflix, the statistics show that most subscribers are not aware of or just don't use this feature that comes free with their subscription.

There are up to 70 games on the app which are on the Netflix app under the 'Mobile Games' section, where there are games based on the most popular shows such asSquid Game, Stranger Things, The Queen's Gambit, Black Mirror, and reality shows such as Love Is Blindand Too Hot To Handle.

While TV and films are popular on Netflix, less than one per cent of subscribers play the video games that come with the subscription.iStockphoto by Getty Images

Other award-winning titles also include Immortality, Kentucky Route Zero and Before Your Eye.

Only 2.2 million Netflix subscribers (0.88 per cent approximately) play one of the streamer’s games daily, as per a CNBC report.

But it appears there is a struggle to get subscribers to return to the video games after trying them, since more than 70 million subscribers at some time have downloaded a game.

Perhaps, this issue could be due to games taking up more download space, and commitment for users.

Although stats show subscribers are not playing video games, the streaming giant has been splashing the cash in this area since in the last year, the quantity of games available has tripled.

But Co-CEO Greg Peters, says this is all part of the "crawl, walk, run" strategy that has successfully worked in the past.

“This trajectory is not dissimilar from what we’ve seen before,” Peters said on the company’s prerecorded earnings call on Wednesday, CNBC reported.

“When we’ve launched a new region, or when we launched new genres, like unscripted” we had to “crawl, walk, run, but we see a tremendous amount of opportunity to build a long-term centre value of entertainment.”

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