Bed rotting: The new Gen Z self-care trend explained

Bed rotting: The new Gen Z self-care trend explained
Dirty doggo treats fresh, clean bed as her playground

Most people love a good ol' rest in their bed, and in a new self-care trend people are spending all hours in bed in what has been coined by Gen Z on TikTok as "bed rotting."

It basically describes lying in bed for a long time where people do different activities as self-care comes in different forms after all -from eating, to binge-watching their favourite TV shows or just wanting some peace and quiet.

Or alternatively doing face and hair masks, skincare routines, and meditation.

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Depending on how much you need to compress from social situations, bed rot can last anywhere from a few hours to a whole weekend.

On TikTok, bed rotting has become the thing to do as it has over 295.1m views as people discuss why they love this activity - often from the comfort of their own beds.

The term gained popularity after TikToker @g0bra77y asked "Who tf actually like rotting in her bed," before gesturing at herself which gained 1.4m views when posted in December last year.


Talented and very ambitious

One person said: "I feel my purpose in this life is to rot in different places - my bed, hotel bed, beach sand, hammock etc. I was made to lay and rot."

"My favorite activity," another declared.

Someone else added: "I wish it was acceptable to tell people this is my hobby."

"Me watching this as I’m in my bed," a fourth person commented.

But it's not just the bedroom where Gen Z are spending along time in as another TikTok self-care trend "Everything Shower," where they have a shower that takes hours and encapsulates skincare, shaving, cleaning and grooming along with your favourite music.

Also, jet setters are swapping self-indulgence for self-care, a study has shown.

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