Seven of the best TV shows of 2022

The White Lotus has 'done it again' with 'fresh' second season

What do you think about when you look back at 2022?

The chaos in politics? The wonky weather? Perhaps - but perhaps you also think about all the shows that provided perfect escapism through difficult times.

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From dramas to comedy to reality TV, there was a lot to enjoy this year.

These shows were some of our favourites in 2022.

1. The White Lotus

After an amazing first series, there was a lot to live up to in series two but the show was just as good and even small subplots delivered as much as the major plotlines.

We hope and pray it gets renewed for a third series.

2. The Walk-In

Based on a true story and starring Stephen Graham, the Walk-In showed the circumstances that attract people to the far-right and the consequences of far-right extremism in the UK.

It should be compulsory viewing for anyone who wants to understand the state of our divided political society.

3. This is Going to Hurt

The televised version of doctor-turned-author Adam Kay's book offered a punchy insight into what life as an NHS doctor is like. It was at times funny, at times heartbreaking, and always very important viewing.

4. Euphoria

Series two of the drama starring Zendaya was as drama-filled as series one. There were some surreal sequences (Lexi's play) and plenty of cliffhangers that leave us very excited for series three.

5. Derry Girls

The third and final series of the Irish comedy dropped earlier this year. As ever, the craic was mighty, but the show touched on serious subjects as well like the troubles. It will be missed but good series know to bow out before things get stale.

6. Pam & Tommy

This mini-series showed just what happened to Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee when their sex tape was leaked. It was gripping and featured transformative performances from Seth Rogan and the other cast members, even though that talking penis scene was a bit odd.

7. The Crown

Series five of the drama, which started in 2016, dropped this winter and showed the Royal Family navigating their lives throughout the 1990s. There was a controversially good looking portrayal of then Prince Charles and we saw the telling of Princess Diana's infamous BBC interview too.

Adding to the royal drama, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's documentary series also aired at the end of the year on Netflix and got just about everyone talking.

We can't wait for 2023 to bring yet more excellent content.

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