Zendaya laughs at herself after paparazzi catch her falling over

Zendaya took a bit of a tumble but proved that was able to have a good chuckle at herself after the paparazzi caught the entire thing on camera.

Video footage showed the moment the Euphoria star lost her footing when she slipped on a stair while hastily entering a venue in Italy.

Though luckily Zendaya didn't quite hit the deck as she was caught by members of her team.

Of course, the clip soon went viral and later on the 25-year-old posted on her Instagram stories a photo of her embarrassing tumble.

"I can’t stop laughing. Did they really have to take a video of me tripping," she wrote with the caption.

Zendaya then uploaded a live reaction of her crying with laughter as she rewatched the footage, and said: ‘They [paparazzi] got me, they got me!

"I’m crying – wait, there’s another one!" she added as she continued to look through the videos.

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