Alex Jones Ordered to Pay Sandy Hook Family at Least $4.1 Million ...

A juror asked a witness in the Alex Jones Sandy Hook Elementary School defamation trial if she could swear she wasn't a lizard.

A jury this week decided that Jones must pay at least $4.1m in compensatory damages to the family of six-year-old Jesse Lewis, who was killed in the classroom assault.

Jones, 48, spent several years spewing conspiracy theories on InfoWars, his far-right media company that spans across TV, radio, and the web, in segments that have titles like "Sandy Hook Vampires Exposed."

One of his claims is that the Sandy Hook shooting was a "false flag" operation created by the government to take guns away from citizens.

He also said that the heartbroken families of the 20 children and six adults that were killed in the 2022 massacre were actors.

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Judge Maya Guerra Gamble of the Travis County District Court allowed the jury during the trial to ask written questions to the witness.

One juror continuously asked Jones and Becca Lewis (an internet communications expert) questions about whether they would apologize and forgive and work together in the future.

Someone else asked questions to Lewis about whether Jones would still be able to fight "the globalists" if he resolved the Sandy Hook issue and if she was a lizard.

"Will you state under oath that you are not a lizard person who works for the globalists? What is the goal of people who talk about globalist plots?" they asked, which ended up getting rejected.

Despite knowing whether or not Jones is a lizard person might seem insignificant to the trial. However, it's actually a focus in the whole ordeal.

As Lewis said in the trial, Jones' frequent delusions of reality have consequences because while many of his fans and Infowars viewers take the show as parody, others don't see it that way.

Earlier in the week, Jones said that InfoWars is turning into a Christian "self-help" platform.

"I'm moving more towards doing a self-help, life experience-type show than a political show," he said.

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