Dog traded for a pair of trainers turns one

<p>This puppy has turned one after being traded for a pair of trainers. </p>

This puppy has turned one after being traded for a pair of trainers.

YouTube/The Pat McAfee Show

A dog that was paid for with a pair of trainers has celebrated her first birthday.

Connor McBride, who was selling the shoes, had gone viral a year ago following him posting a screenshot of a conversation from a prospective buyer who wanted a rather unconventional method of payment.

He was hoping to get $300 (£215) for the sneakers but someone replied wondering if he could them in exchange for a female German Shepard puppy.

While some might think it was a scam, Connor actually went and met up with him to discover that he was indeed being serious about paying via puppy.

Tweeting “I think I won this trade” along with the print screen of the chat and proof that it was indeed a little dog, proving that he did indeed win, a post that has racked up over 618,000 likes, 88,000 retweets and nearly 2,000 replies.

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After being given the name Flint, she moved to another home, not with Connor. Her new owner is a man called Drew.

The news was shared on a post on Flint’s own personal Instagram page where cute photos of her are shared.

“What up guys, it’s Flint... I am proud to announce that I’m taking my talents to @drewguelles, who will be my new owner. Shoutout to @connormcbride for making this all happen. I am stoked to share my journey with you. Let’s ride.”

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