Man asks fiancée if he can invite friends to their honeymoon – and Reddit duly brands him the ‘a**hole’

Man asks fiancée if he can invite friends to their honeymoon – and Reddit duly brands him the ‘a**hole’

It should hopefully go without saying that a honeymoon is a special time for newlyweds where they can spend some time being intimate with their new life partners – not for going out with the lads.

You had your fun at the stag do, mate.

Yet for one user posting on the famed arbitrator Reddit, ‘Am I The A**hole’ (AITA), he wanted to know if suggesting he make his honeymoon “inclusive to our friends” makes him the a-hole in this instance.

The unnamed individual, who revealed he is getting married in seven months, wrote: “The place where we were going has always been a dream destination of me and my friends. When I told them where we’d plan our honeymoon, they said how jealous they are and how they wish they could also go.

“I told them that we could consider the idea of making this a friend-inclusive honeymoon and they were very excited with the idea.

“Sadly for many years we hadn’t been able to plan the trip with the guys to that place because [of] our conflicting schedules but now pretty much is easier for us to be able to align our vacation days. So I thought this was a great chance.”

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His fiancée, however, did not. She apparently got “completely mad” at him, “started crying” and told him “how much of a considerate AH I am” – and who can blame her?

He continued: “I tried to explain to her I didn’t do it with malice, I simply thought it would be a good chance for the guys to experience it – and I even told her she can tell some of her own friends of [sic] they want to join.

“She told me I’m ridiculous for insisting that this is a good idea and how she felt horrible because I’m inconsiderate, because I made my honeymoon into a friendship trip when it’s supposed to be about us two.

“She also says I’m an even bigger AH for discussing it with my friends and getting them excited about it when I didn’t consult her and honestly, I think she’s right on that part and I might be TA.

“On the idea though, I didn’t think she’d mind that much. I thought it sounded fun,” he concluded.

Clearly, she did not, and neither did Reddit.

“It’s a honeymoon, you fool. She’s in for a hell of a marriage lol,” wrote one.

Another added: “I’d be reconsidering the whole marriage at this point. ‘Announcing’ his decision without considering her? Turning it from a honeymoon into, essentially, a friends trip your brand new wife is also invited on? OP [Original poster], what the HELL were you thinking?”

“YTA [You’re the a**hole]. It’s your HONEYMOON. What on earth made you think your fiancée would want anyone tagging along with you? And she’s completely right about you getting your friends excited for nothing, YTA for that too,” commented a third.

Something tells us they’re far from being a happy couple at the moment…

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