If you can spot 7 people in this image then apparently you have a high IQ

If you can spot 7 people in this image then apparently you have a high IQ
The first animal you see in this optical illusion could reveal your ...

Are you curious as to whether you have a high IQ?

Well, apparently an optical illusion that's gone viral on TikTok can give a basic answer to this question.

While taking an actual IQ test is a good way at getting a more comprehensive answer, this puzzle is a fun way to test if the illusion has any accuracy in its analysis.

In the TikTok by @darkseidy, the image in the video looks like a detailed drawing with a lot of things going on and the aim of the puzzle is to find seven people and a cat within the busy picture - kind of like a more complex Where's Wally...

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According to this illusion, if you find all of the things listed then your brain is "in the best condition," while finding six is "fine," if you can only discover two or three it means that your mind "needs help."

Perhaps take this brief summary with a pinch of salt as the illusion is all in good fun to try and solve.

Here is the video below for you to try and find the seven people and the cat for yourself:


#fyp #find #darkseidy

If you've either found all of them by now or you've given up and want to know the answers, then see the image below which has circles around the places to find them.

The answers to the viral optical illusion which claims to tell if you have a high IQ or not - did you find all of them?TikTok/darkseidy

Since the illusion test was posted, it has received a whopping 5m views, over 170,000 likes and tens of thousands of comments from people who shared their answers - all with varying degrees of success at finding the hidden people and cat.

One person wrote: "Bro I found 7 people and a cat no cap."

"I found all 7 people and a cat, but this is low res, so i needed a few minutes," another person said.

Someone else added: "6 people only I don't see the cat."

"[Finding] the cat was pretty hard he's small," a fourth person commented.

Other different optical illusions also claim to reveal key parts of your personality, your dream job, and if you're ready for big challenges.

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