As 2021 draws to a close, there is nothing better than reflecting on everything that’s happened this year.

Spotify Wrapped came through with our music stats for the past 365 days, though YouTube announced earlier this year that they decided to axe their annual “YouTube Rewind” video which summarised all the key internet events of the year.

But now, one man has decided that TikTok needs a 2021 rewind video of its own and has created an original song to encapsulate every trend on the app from the past 12 months - all within the space of a minute.

Mikey Angelo (@mrgrandeofficial) sang about everything and everyone to the catchy tune of “Come Get It Bae,” by Pharrell Williams.

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Just some of the trends and people mentioned include Wendy Williams, Doja Cat, the milk crate challenge, SZA, Gorilla Glue girl, Demi Lovato’s froyo drama, Sarah Paulson’s “The killer is escaping” sound, Squid Game, the couch guy saga and many more.


here’s the past year of TikTok summarized.. #TikTokRewind #2021

Since posting his epic summary, Mikey’s 2021 rewind has received 3.8m views, over 965,000 likes, and thousands of comments applauding the TikToker’s creativity in making this catchy song.

TikTok’s official account was impressed, writing: “The assignment was understood!”

“YOU ARE OUR TIKTOK WRAPPED,” one person said.

While another person wrote: “Petition to make his videos the first thing on your fyp [for you page] when you download TikTok. We have to give the newbies a chance to get up to speed.”

“This was the greatest TikTok I’ve clicked all year,” someone else added.

A fourth person replied: “This is the new YouTube rewind.”

Elsewhere, others highlighted other TikTok trends that Mikey couldn’t fit into his one-minute video (to be fair, there have been a LOT of trends this year).

One person wrote: “Berries and cream??”

“Love this but you missed BING BONG, every Backyardigans song and berries and cream!” Another person said.

Someone else replied: “I know you did not just skip over berries and cream like that.”

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it?

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