Right-wingers are praising Jerry Seinfeld's 'powerful' comments about the left

Right-wingers are praising Jerry Seinfeld's 'powerful' comments about the left
The Shady Side Of Jerry Seinfeld
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Jerry Seinfeld's comments about the "extreme left" killing comedy have made him the latest poster child for conservative pundits.

Seinfeld, who co-created and starred in the sitcom of the same name, said in an interview with The New Yorkerthat the era of golden comedy is over because, "of the extreme left and PC crap, and people worrying so much about offending other people."

It's yet another opinion in the ongoing culture war over 'wokeness', and whilst the majority of social media rolled their eyes at Seinfeld's take, some conservative pundits are hailing his comments.

Host of the The Benny Show, Benny Johnson, posted a clip of the interview to Twitter/X saying Seinfeld had gone "FULL BLAST on Left's destruction of comedy." As well as calling the moment, "powerful".

Fox News host Sean Hannity also shared the clip to his social media, seemingly in support of the sentiment.

Elon Musk even got involved. Sharing the clip with the caption "Make comedy legal again!"

And many others took to Twitter/X to praise Seinfeld's comments:

But even though some big names within the online right-wing sphere echoed Seinfeld's opinions, the majority of people criticised his argument, with some calling it downright ridiculous.

Many pointed out that Seinfeld co-creator Larry David, just finished the final season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, known, and loved, for its black comedy style.

NPR TV critic Eric Deggans offered the perspective that Seinfeld, "is regurgitating excuses from people who had projects die, for who knows what reason." He also added that, "The TV audience isn't interest in old school sitcoms. There's lots of other possible reasons for why there aren't as many sitcoms on network TV and no evidence that wokeness has killed anything."

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