Different countries translated Prince Harry's book title 'Spare' and some of them are pretty savage

Different countries translated Prince Harry's book title 'Spare' and some of them are pretty savage
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Prince Harry's memoir Spare was officially released on January 10, and people from around the world can read about his life as a royal, and leaving the institution.

The revelations made headlines before its release after the book accidentally went on sale early in Spain, but now everyone can get a copy and it has become the fastest-selling non-fiction book ever.

The title "Spare" refers to the phrase “the heir and the spare," a phrase widely used to describe two children where the older one (heir) will succeed a title and its responsibilities, while the younger one (spare) is around to fulfil duties if something happens to the heir.

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For the royal family, it's two children of a monarch, with the heir (Prince William) who is first in the line of succession and will one day become King, while the spare (Prince Harry) whose role is to step up if something happens to Prince William.

Though Harry is not really considered the "spare" anymore since Prince William and Kate now have three children: Prince George (heir), Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis (both spares), but he is still fifth in line to the throne.

Of course, countries around the world are printing versions of the book in their own language - however, the book title's play on the old phrase doesn't quite translate.

These are some of the different (and some pretty savage) translations of "Spare" after they are translated back into English:

  • Brazil (in Portuguese): "What’s Left Over."
  • Poland: "The Other One."
  • Spain: "In The Shadows."
  • Portugal: "In the Shadow."
  • France: "The Substitute."
  • The Netherlands, Hungary and Germany: "Reserve."
  • Romania: "Nervous Reserve."
  • Greek: "Spare (Wheel)"
  • Finland: "Deputy."
  • Sweden: "The Second.”
  • Italy: "Spare (The Minor)."
Meanwhile, from Princess Diana's death to his sibling rivalry with Prince William, read about poignant quotes and takeaways from his book, and what he has discussed in his TV appearances about his memoir.
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